8/10 Strigoi

A revisionist vampire tale that’s sum whole is far greater than its parts.

Posted 02/06/12 by Andy
8/10 Popatopolis Posted 02/02/12 by Joe
7/10 The Grey

An existential action-film with wolf punching.

Posted 01/30/12 by Andy
7/10 The Hazing

Consider this the real remake of "Night of the Demons"

Posted 01/24/12 by Eric
7/10 Underworld: Awakening

Every time Kate Beckinsale hurricanarana's a giant werewolf, an angel gets it's wings...

Posted 01/23/12 by Eric
5/10 YellowBrickRoad would really be nice if for the next 90 minutes I can sit here unchallenged on all fronts and emerge from my Barkolounger with no concrete impressions of what I just saw.

Posted 01/20/12 by Tor
5/10 The Innkeepers

I know Ti West is capable of making amazing movies, so why doesn't he?

Posted 01/17/12 by Eric
6/10 Dust Devil

Richard Stanley's demon tale explores the horrors of colonial violence... and there is a great exploding head in there too!

Posted 01/16/12 by Andy
2/10 The Devil Inside

Jon sees "The Devil Inside" as evidence of found footage's worst qualities.

Posted 01/09/12 by Jon
5/10 Dawning

The evolving tension works well enough to divert the viewer’s attention from the story’s unabashedly derivative playing field...

Posted 01/06/12 by Tor
5/10 Burning Bright

Perhaps the gravest flaw here is that the story was over-thought with regards to its significance as a spiritual struggle.

Posted 01/03/12 by Tor
10/10 Ugetsu

Kenji Mizoguchi, one of Japan’s most noteworthy directors, gives us a gorgeously realized classic ghost story.

Posted 12/27/11 by Andy
7/10 Running Scared

A manic trip through the darker side of action cinema

Posted 12/20/11 by Andy
8/10 The Perfume of the Lady in Black (Il Profumo Della Signora in Nero)

An overlooked Italian masterpiece.

Posted 12/12/11 by Joey
7/10 Machete Maidens Unleashed

...a historical document about movies that were filled to bursting with cartoon violence and nude babes in peril.

Posted 12/09/11 by Tor
8/10 The Burning

It's a pleasant burning. Unlike that one I got during my trip to Malaysia.

Posted 12/08/11 by Angelo B
8/10 Slither

James Gunn's ode to all things gross and cult.

Posted 12/05/11 by Andy
5/10 Red, White & Blue

...ends up making a middleweight out of what should have been a heavyweight narrative.

Posted 12/02/11 by Tor
8/10 From Beyond

Whips, chains, leather and... Lovecraft?

Posted 12/01/11 by Angelo B
8/10 The Skin I Live In (La Piel Que Habito)

Pedro Almodóvar’s take on the mad scientist and the monsters we create.

Posted 11/28/11 by Andy
7/10 Melancholia

“Melancholia” is an elegant piece that works towards incitement and triumph at the end of the world.

Posted 11/23/11 by Tor
5/10 Helldriver (Nihon bundan: Heru doraibâ)

Chimeric zombies, chainsaws, and more arterial spray than you can imagine. No, seriously, more than you can imagine.

Posted 11/21/11 by Andy
5/10 Trigger Man

...West leaves us sitting in the forest with 3 under developed characters for the first 40 minutes of the movie.

Posted 11/18/11 by Tor
1/10 John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars

Why you gotta do me like this, John?

Posted 11/17/11 by Angelo B
7/10 Fright Night (2011)

Colin Farrell tries to wrestle the title of hunkiest vampire from Robert Pattison in "Fright Night." Does he win? Who cares! The movie rocks.

Posted 11/15/11 by Jon
9/10 Take Shelter

Jeff Nichols' beautifully realized allegory for the times

Posted 11/14/11 by Andy
4/10 The Shrine

Twenty people watching dailies and they all fail to spy basic lighting failures, Sweet Mother of Conrad Hall!

Posted 11/11/11 by Tor
5/10 Panic Button

Jigsaw gets on Facebook

Posted 11/10/11 by Angelo B
9/10 Blue Velvet

"It's a strange world..."

Posted 11/07/11 by Andy
5/10 Slaughter High

If you aren’t impressed by gratuitous gore and needless nudity, then what the hell are you doing hanging out at a horror website?

Posted 11/04/11 by Tor

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