6/10 All Cheerleaders Die Posted 09/14/14 by Eric
6/10 As Above, So Below Posted 08/31/14 by mark
6/10 Seconds Apart Posted 08/25/14 by mark
7/10 The Purge: Anarchy Posted 08/04/14 by eslead
5/10 Stage Fright (2014) Posted 05/09/14 by eslead
3/10 The Strange Color Of Your Body's Tears Posted 04/04/14 by MikeSnoo
9/10 All Cheerleaders Die! Posted 03/28/14 by MikeSnoo
8/10 The Night of the Hunter Posted 03/24/14 by Brett
8/10 Alien Abduction Posted 03/24/14 by MikeSnoo
3/10 Scenic Route Posted 03/14/14 by MikeSnoo
5/10 Oldboy Posted 03/14/14 by Brett
9/10 Jigoku (The Sinners of Hell) Posted 02/26/14 by Brett
5/10 The Banshee Chapter Posted 02/19/14 by Brett
7/10 Executive Koala Posted 02/10/14 by Brett
5/10 Static Posted 01/23/14 by eslead
3/10 Devil's Due

Some likable lead performances and the occasionally impressive special effects can't help the guys from Radio Silence in their feature-length debut.

Posted 01/21/14 by Andy
3/10 Frankenstein's Army Posted 01/19/14 by Brett
6/10 The House with Laughing Windows Posted 12/08/13 by Brett
8/10 All Hallows' Eve Posted 12/04/13 by eslead
8/10 The Living Skeleton (Kyûketsu dokuro-sen) Posted 11/05/13 by Brett
7/10 Audition Posted 10/28/13 by Brett
8/10 We Are What We Are

One of the most accomplished horror remakes in recent times, cementing Jim Mickle's place as a filmmaker to watch.

Posted 10/23/13 by Andy
4/10 Carrie (2013) Posted 10/23/13 by Charlie
7/10 Metallica Through the Never

For Metallica fans only

Posted 10/14/13 by Joe R
6/10 Empire of Passion (Ai no borei) Posted 10/02/13 by Brett
8/10 Prisoners Posted 09/26/13 by eslead
7/10 Hell Baby

“Hell Baby” packs a cast of comedic ringers in an uneven, occasionally hilarious horror comedy.

Posted 09/25/13 by John Shelton
1/10 Lizzie

Not "so bad it's good..." just bad.

Posted 09/24/13 by Joe R
6/10 Insidious: Chapter 2 Posted 09/23/13 by Charlie
6/10 Bounty Killer

It's pretty good if you don't think about it...

Posted 09/09/13 by Joe R

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