4/10 Camp Hell (Camp Hope)

It's like "Jesus Camp" except with demons and Andrew McCarthy

Posted 08/22/11 by Andy
8/10 The Reef

... sometimes excellence of form is every bit as compelling as a fresh concept.

Posted 08/19/11 by Tor
2/10 The Task

What happens when you take that old MTV show "Fear" and remove everything that made that show memorable? You're left with this turd.

Posted 08/18/11 by Angelo B
5/10 Final Destination 5

Death's whirling blades, falling glass and loose wires are back in Final Destination 5.

Posted 08/15/11 by Jon
6/10 Zombie Girl

I am just another asshole with both an opinion and an anus and often one is issued forth from the other.

Posted 08/12/11 by Tor
8/10 "The Invisible Man"

James Whale has got some campy, pre-production code horror for you.

Posted 08/08/11 by Andy
7/10 Deathdream

...a very good horror film about America’s inability to cope with soldiers returning home from inhumane conditions.

Posted 08/05/11 by Tor
3/10 Quarantine 2: Terminal

Zombies on an airplane without the irony.

Posted 08/01/11 by Andy
3/10 Video Violence

Believe it or not it is not the lack of a budget that keeps the film from being worth a watch.

Posted 07/29/11 by Tor
7/10 Puppet Master

Killer puppets and inept psychics. Yep, must be a direct to video '80's film.

Posted 07/28/11 by Angelo B
8/10 Frailty

The first truly post 9/11 American horror film.

Posted 07/25/11 by Andy
3/10 I Spit on Your Grave (2010)

Why? Why remake a flashpoint film and have virtually nothing new to say about, or add to the original concept?

Posted 07/22/11 by Tor
9/10 Eyes Without a Face (Les yeux sans visage)

The film pushes us not with the long, lingering shots of gore (though that certainly helps things along) but by denying us the excuse of seeing the antagonists as evil.

Posted 07/20/11 by Andy
2/10 George A. Romero Presents Deadtime Stories Volume 1

As Romero himself admits at the end of the movie, “Hmm, that didn’t work out very well, did it?”

Posted 07/19/11 by John Shelton
4/10 Sweet Karma

Ms. Bechard is currently racing up the volatile Maxim, FHM, and GQ hot charts due to her status as the newly selected girlfriend of 84 year old Hugh Hefner.

Posted 07/18/11 by Tor
4/10 Dr. Terror's House of Horrors

How is it you've never heard of an anthology horror film with Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and Donald Sutherland? Because it's not very good.

Posted 07/14/11 by Angelo B
8/10 Troll Hunter

“Troll Hunter” takes a trope that’s getting long in the tooth and reinvigorates the concept with a monster outside the typical horror pantheon and a healthy dose of dry humor.

Posted 07/12/11 by John Shelton
8/10 The Frighteners

Peter Jackson, ghosts, and Jeffery Combs as "an asshole...with an uzi!"

Posted 07/11/11 by Andy
7/10 The War Game

...perhaps the most fascinating and unique aspect of this Oscar winning documentary is that it is not a documentary.

Posted 07/08/11 by Tor
6/10 Noroi: The Curse

If you can make it through the painful first hour, "Noroi: The Curse" is an original, genuinely creepy offering from Japan

Posted 07/07/11 by Angelo B
5/10 Creep

"Creep" is a film interested in empathy. It's just not sure what it wants to say about it.

Posted 07/05/11 by Andy
5/10 Night of the Comet

“Night of the Comet” is a more provocative and deliberate film than it may at first appear.

Posted 07/01/11 by Tor
4/10 Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday

More like "Jason Jumps the Shark"

Posted 06/30/11 by Angelo B
7/10 Trail of the Screaming Forehead

If you can’t get on board with the extraterrestrial foreheads, this is one ride that is definitely not worth taking.

Posted 06/28/11 by John Shelton
10/10 Martin

Cuda may call Martin “nosferatu” and “vampyr” but the name could easily be applied to everything surrounding them.

Posted 06/27/11 by Andy
6/10 Session 9

Watch it solely for the incredible atmosphere and visuals

Posted 06/23/11 by Angelo B
7/10 Dead Set

“Dead Set” takes the idea of a zombie attack on the Big Brother house and uses the unique real-world meta aspects of the setting to make possible an oddly believable zombie story.

Posted 06/21/11 by John Shelton
6/10 Savage Streets

Linda Blair is hot, the revenge is cold, and the violence occasionally feels like a fat right-cross after a sweet soft kiss.

Posted 06/20/11 by Tor
9/10 Super 8

It's like a really good, old-school Spielberg movie, but with lens flare!

Posted 06/17/11 by Angelo B
4/10 All My Friends Are Funeral Singers

Probably a great treat for Califone fans; for the rest of us, it’s a like watching an above average student film.

Posted 06/15/11 by John Shelton

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