1/10 Stay Alive

Like a lot of cinematic garbage, there's an interesting concept at the core of “Stay Alive.”

Posted 12/02/10 by Jeff S
8/10 Begotten

Trying to synopsize a film like this would do it a terrible disservice.

Posted 12/01/10 by Angelo B
8/10 Metropia

The creepy, dingy art style puts the ‘blah’ in ‘bleak’.

Posted 11/30/10 by John Shelton
1/10 The Absent

A pseudo-slasher based around a torrent of high school intrigue.

Posted 11/29/10 by mark
4/10 Plague Town

The same variety of impossible as expressing no discomfort while having the top of your head unexpectedly disunited from your body with razor wire.

Posted 11/29/10 by Tor
4/10 ThanksKilling

One of the most generic slasher films I’ve seen.

Posted 11/29/10 by Angelo B
6/10 Carriers (Review) Posted 11/25/10 by Jeff S
2/10 Zombie Christ Posted 11/24/10 by Joe
5/10 Harpoon: Whale Watching Massacre

The story could be best described as “a hot mess.”

Posted 11/23/10 by John Shelton
6/10 Incident at Raven's Gate

I don’t know if the world needed a dark reworking of “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” but if you ever wondered what that might look like, wonder no more.

Posted 11/19/10 by Tor
4/10 Lost Boys: The Thirst Posted 11/18/10 by Joe
1/10 Don't Look Up

Why is this movie so bad you ask? Where do I even begin?

Posted 11/17/10 by Angelo B
7/10 Siege of the Dead (Rammbock)

“Siege of the Dead” is a great example of a movie that realizes that its story comes from the characters, not from the zombies.

Posted 11/17/10 by John Shelton
7/10 Pig Hunt

This formula generally yields a specious, antiseptic procession of latter day boulevardiers slumming in Kryolan mud while expertly communicating the filmmakers’ snooty contempt for horror fans.

Posted 11/12/10 by Tor
7/10 Centurion

"Centurion" is a fun trip into genre territory led by a director with a fan’s passion for the material, but it never really rises above that.

Posted 11/09/10 by John Shelton
4/10 In Search of Lovecraft Posted 11/08/10 by mark
8/10 Red Hill

"Red Hill" combines Aussie Western sensibilities with horror's pacing for a potent revenge flick.

Posted 11/06/10 by Jon
6/10 S&Man (Sandman)

Director J.T. Petty has a unique and interesting voice and a yen to tell stories that possess a good deal of freshness.

Posted 11/05/10 by Tor
3/10 Damned by Dawn

Horror films need a set of rules.

Posted 11/03/10 by Angelo B
8/10 White Dog

“White Dog” is a blunt and unflinching look at the roots of racism as well as a narrative debate about the “curablity” of racism.

Posted 11/02/10 by John Shelton
3/10 Saw 3D

Our 7-year cinematic nightmare comes to an end. Hopefully.

Posted 10/30/10 by Jon
5/10 Space Amoeba

As luck would have it the pixiedust or space amoeba is actually a galactic monster named Yog that possesses other organisms for evil purposes, often swelling them to Brobdingnagian proportions.

Posted 10/29/10 by Tor
5/10 Bigfoot Posted 10/27/10 by Angelo B
2/10 Life Blood

“Life Blood” is the worst Rob Zombie movie Rob Zombie didn’t make.

Posted 10/26/10 by John Shelton
4/10 Mirrors 2

A puzzling too-late sequel to a throwaway too-late Asian horror cash in

Posted 10/25/10 by mark
6/10 Paranormal Activity 2 Posted 10/23/10 by Jon
4/10 Dead Tone

Ultimately, there’s very little reason for me to recommend this.

Posted 10/20/10 by Angelo B
4/10 Altitude

Maybe it’s just sour grapes because I was hoping for “Cthulu on a Plane”, but for me this film felt like a very special Halloween episode of One Tree Hill.

Posted 10/19/10 by John Shelton
8/10 Cemetery Man (Dellamorte Dellamore)

Eventually, the new lovebirds end up having sex on top of She's dead husband's grave (naturally), awakening his corpse, and things quickly spiral out of control in various sexy, gory, and hilarious ways.

Posted 10/18/10 by mark

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