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Bodies are Changing in this Trailer for Danish Werewolf Flick "When Animals Dream"

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While some horror icons like Michaely Myers, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and even Pinhead are famous for their bone chilling personas and long running franchises, there are the B-side characters to not forget. Some are not in the same league as the Jason's of the world simply because they came at a time when slasher films weren't very welcome. Some only had a few entries in their series which didn't give enough time for audiences to be captivated and intrigued to see more. There is one, however, that has several films and even a reboot under its belt.

Before Arnie was frowning his way through the zombie apocalypse or appearing in a misguided reboot of a once popular franchise of which he was the star, he was rubbing mud all over himself to avoid the infrared gaze of one of horror's most iconic movie monsters. Despite showing some age, Predator is still one hell of a testosterone fueled ride with a whole lot of dude sweat permeating the screen from scene to scene. 

Stung trailer

In the trailer for Stung, a collection of rambunctious party crashers descend on a demure, upper class garden party. It’s not rowdy teens, it’s somehow much worse: mutated and very angry killer wasps. It’s up to the surviving partygoers and a pair of will-they, won’t-they (you know they totally will) caterers to fight off the winged menaces.

Bad Milo!

Crammed with fart jokes and explosive gore, throwbacks to Gremlins, an obsession with butts, and plenty of anxieties about manhood, Bad Milo may be the horror genre’s first Man Child flick.

The year was 1993. A pale, chubby, awkward, nerdy boy with nary a whisker in sight was visiting the Universal Studios Orlando Resort with his family. While there said boy witnessed none other than “Ghostbusters Live” and traveled down a dinosaur’s gullet in the “Back to the Future” ride, both of which that now bearded still awkward man remembers clearly. But the pièce de résistance was a Horror themed makeup show in which two hosts vying for Penn and Teller level displays of misdirection and illusion demonstrated a variety of special effect techniques.

Scout encounters zombie cat

In the new red band trailer for Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, a pair of dorky high schoolers and their dorkier other friend are sidetracked on their way to what promises to be the party of their young lives.

Welcome to "BGH The New Class" where the young blood of Bloody Good Horror takes the internet. Heading into week three of Ben's reviews of the Hellraiser franchise, Sophie, Spencer, and myself jumped onto Twitter with the hash tag "TweetWithBGH" at the ready during a viewing of Hellraiser 3: Hell on Earth.

From the studio that brings you Robot Chicken comes a new ADULTS ONLY horror comedy, in their signature stop-motion style. 

Hell & Back follows best friends Remy and Augie as they are transported to Hell to find their friend Curt after finding a book that opens the demensions between worlds. Finding their best friend isn't the only problem the duo faces, as they navigate the underworld they encounter sexy half demons, an insecure Devil, snooty angels and strange men. 

When you get to the final scenes of the original Sinister, there are any number of things you could be thinking. One thing I would be willing to bet didn’t immediately pop into your head is, “When is the sequel coming out?” At the time of its release, it received mixed reviews overall, but those within the enclave of horror fandom generally appreciated it for being more than simply another found footage or teen jump scare movie.

The biggest problem with Hellraiser 3 is that Pinhead isn't even in it, instead they've replaced him with Punhead.

Hellraiser 3 sees Joey (Terry Farrell), a reporter, stumbling into the story of a lifetime (oh jeez) as Pinhead (Doug Bradley) attempts to bring his particular form of pain (except not really) down to Earth, unfettered by the pesky puzzle box of the previous two films. Instead, he's luring Monroe (Kevin Bernhardt) with the promise of untold pleasures in order to escape from the stone pillar that he's somehow become encased in.

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