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Joe doesn't care for Harry Potter. The person. He's never seen the films.

While I've waxed on to great extent over the joy of horror movies this month, it's important to note that Halloween is not just about horror movies.  There's another important factor that is important to remember as we get close to the time of trick or treating...the tricks. 

As part of our ongoing commitment to sharing our amazing tastes with the world, we've decided to periodically compile Spotify playlists for sharing. Casey has already featured his as a part of his 31 Days of Horror, and now it's my turn!

It's hard to ignore a band personally handpicked by the illustrious Johnny Z, discoverer of Metallica and fonder of Megaforce Records.  The man has thrown his weight behind Nim Vind, an upstart Canadian songwriting group that consciously defies genre categorization and seeks to find some solace in the joy of music.  With his new album "Saturday Night Seance Songs" recently released to the world, we sat down with frontman Chris to talk about his band, how it came to be, Paul Shaffer and a few other things.  Read on.

Twenty-five years is an eternity. It's an entire generation that has come and gone, and that is how long it's been since Sanctuary has released an album. Their two records from the late 80's are underground classics, but the band is best known for what they became; Nevermore. It was that band that was able to break through and become one of the bigger names in metal, and it's that band that would make the bigger splash by returning at this time. Instead, Sanctuary has gone back in time to pick up where they left off, as though the last twenty years had never happened.

With the upcoming release of "The Town that Dreaded Sundown," the movie industry will have officially finished its 15 year performance art project of rebooting every horror movie made between 1976 and 1987.

Day 21 of the 31 Days of Horror have arrived, and Casey has decided it's time for a bit of a change up. Are you a fan of horror video games? Come see what Casey's got to play for October.

Metalcore has always been a bit of a shotgun wedding. There was no reason that screamed verses and cleanly sung choruses were supposed to be put together, not to mention becoming the blueprint for an entire genre of music. Very few of the metalcore bands have ever been able to make a compelling case for why their music isn't the musical equivalent of the TV show “Chopped”, with random ingredients thrown together for the sake of seeing what could be made of them.

I became familiar with the idea of the horror genre having a bit of a community built around it at an early age.  I'm certain that this existed in other fandoms back in the early 80's as well, but for me, it was certainly there in the horror community.  Over time, some friends have come and gone and the rituals have changed, but I still always find myself drawn to like minded people.  It just happens, kind of like radar.  

Buzz Osborne is nothing if not a music survivalist.  The man is just about the only synonym for The Melvins, the band he has maintained for the better part of thirty years.  For a man and band that came to fame on the consistent recommendation of Kurt Cobain some twenty years ago, King Buzzo has done an excellent job of turning himself into a cottage industry.  He’s worked with the best musician, been part of innumerable projects and produced more material in that time that nearly all of his contemporaries.  The ongoing legacy of The Melvins continues with the band’s new

Casey has a video game addiction that is totally not healthy for someone his age. Regardless, he's decided to make some videos of some of his favorites to share with you all!

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