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The Collection (REVIEW)

The Collector in The Collection

Having now helmed his second feature film -- the previous being "The Collector" -- the time has come to weigh in on one Marcus Dunstan, Director. The verdict is not looking good. Consider if you will, "The Collection."

Posters: "The Collection" drops this November

Marcus Dunstan, writer of "Saw" 4, 5 and 6, returns with "The Collection", the sequel to his film "The Collector" from 2009. Check it out November 30th. (click poster to enhance)

Horror Headlines: Wednesday June 15th, 2011

Josh Stewart, who 8 of you might remember from "The Collector" is the latest to be added to the cast of Chris Nolan's "The Dark knight Rises". As usual there's no word as to what role he'll be playing but I'm going to toss out a curve ball and guess Aquaman. Yeah, I said it.

Matthew Fox, Ed Harris and Julia Levy-Boeken are all rumored to be joining the ever growing cast of the big screen adaptation of Max Brook's "World War Z". Fox you probably know from "Lost", Harris wasn't Robocop but I will insist he was till the day I die and Levy-Boeken is French so you'll soon know her as that girl with hairy armpits who was in "World War Z".

"ParaNorman" is a new stop motion zombie/comedy from the fine people that created "Coraline" that's schedule to hit theaters next summer. But animated characters need voices my friends and it looks like Alex Borstein who does the voice of Lois Griffin on "Family Guy" will be added to the list of talent that already includes Casey Affleck, John Goodman and a number of others. I have no idea how they're going to fit all these people into one of those tiny recording booths.

What in the sweet hell is going on with shark attack movies this summer? Where was it decided that sharks were the new vampires? Where the hell are my keys!? I'm so frightened. Anyway here's the trailer for "Dark Tide" a new chop flick that stars one Halle Berry who I assume was cast based on the fact that her character spends 75% of her screen time in a bikini. Which makes me wonder why I wasn't cast... someone get my agent on the phone.

In Real People News: 

A Texas man is reportedly facing possible criminal charges because he decided to punch a man repeatedly that he got into a car accident with despite the fact that the crash killed a man. It's like that old Russian saying goes, "You can't punch the dead without expecting to do some jail time". I think that's how it goes.

It's the age of social media my friends. You can do anything online! Like this woman in Philadelphia who went on Facebook to find a hitman to kill her Ex, offering up $1,000 to any takers. I feel like real hitmen probably charge a lot more than this. You're going to get some really shoddy killing for only a grand.

Horror Headlines: Tuesday October 5th, 2010

Did anyone other than Mark see "The Collector"? Follow up question, did anyone see it and like it? Didn't think so. Well news today that there's going to be a "Collector 3D" and it's going to be in.. well, 3D. You probably guessed that from the title though.

"She Wolf Rising" is not going to be a good movie but here's some pictures of Tiffany Shepis who stars in it rolling around. There's really not much news here but I think you'll appreciate it nonetheless. So uh, how's your week going? Some weather we're having huh?

So that whole unrated thing kind of backfired didn't it? Not to be outdone by Canada, "Hatchet II" has now been pulled from US theaters. But man those 2 days that it was showing sure were special weren't they? Did anyone get to see it? Tell me what it's like to love.

Take a look at this new picture from "Scream 4" and try to tell me you don't feel a little bad for Ghostface. It's him and a bunch of his other Ghostface friends riding a bus to school. But look, they're all sitting alone, none of them are friends. My heart is breaking.

In Real People News: 

Mark it on your calendars folks, today PETA did something I may actually agree with. A California restaurant has pulled the "Dancing Shrimp" off of their menu after complaints from the animal rights group. What's the dancing shrimp your might ask? Well it's a live prawn that has it's shell ripped off and then you get to squeeze lemon on it and watch it "dance" AKA jump in ungodly pain until it dies. Adorable.

On this day in history: 

1968 – Police take batons to civil rights demonstrators in Derry, Northern Ireland – considered to mark the beginning of The Troubles.

Videochat With the Writers of "The Collector"

Do you recognize these bone heads? If so, you probably already know that they are the writer/director team who so graciously brought us "Saw III, IV, V", and the recently reviewed "The Collector."

Well, this Wednesday, you have an opportunity to ask them all of your deepest, darkest questions through a live videochat, as long as you have a Facebook or Twitter account.

To participate on Facebook:

1) On Wednesday, 8/5 at 1:00 PST, log into Facebook here:

The Collector (REVIEW)

We are well past the halfway point of summer, and consequently the theatrical drought that has defined the past few months. From now through October there's nearly one if not two genre releases a week, and one can't help but notice that most of them are sequels or remakes. As such, the original properties tend to stick out quite a bit, and "The Collector" has drummed up a modicum of interest of late because of this. Unfortunately, horror fans looking for a breath of creativity before the oncoming rehash binge may find themselves a bit disappointed when all is said and done.

Horror Headlines: Thursday July 30th, 2009

Seriously Indie filmmakers, I admire your pluck in deciding to make an indepednent horror film... but can we please, please get rid of the creepy clown archetype? It's so over.

As we near the release of "The Collector" on Friday (could you tell? ;), here's 2 new clips to give you a little better idea of what you're working with. The film comes from "Saw" IV-VII scribes Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, and deals with a home invasion where the invader discovers there's a far worse evil awaiting him when he gets there.

In Real People News: 

Rita Hooker named Layperson of the year... everyone else gets an award for not snickering. Except me of course.

The Sun really outdoes itself with this report of a "killer chipmunk". I think my favorite part is the sassy photo about halfway through.

On this day in history: 

1938: In his Dearborn, Michigan office Henry Ford proudly accepts a Nazi medal on his 75th birthday. The Grand Cross of the Order of the German Eagle is the highest award the Reich can bestow on foreigners. The medal arrives with a note of personal greetings from Adolf Hitler. A rabid anti-semite, Ford paid for copies of the racist hoax Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion to be deposited in major U.S. libraries.

Three New Clips From "The Collector"

How these have not been pulled down from Youtube yet is beyond me but what we have below are three separate clips from “The Collector” which is scheduled to hit theaters on the 31st of July. While the clips are only about 20 seconds each I’m getting the idea that there is some series sick crap going on in the film. Flesh eating roaches, mouth sewing, and a guy trying to fit another guys head threw a key hole. Not to spoil it but he succeeds, sort of. I guess this is what we should be expecting from the co-writers of “Saw IV-VII” and the “Feast” trilogy.

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