Follow the track record of Capcom’s franchises and there will be a clear push for a return to form in recent years. With Resident Evil 6 upsetting critics and fans, the franchise had to make every attempt to create something worth the zombie enthusiast’s time.

Those sunny chaps over at Head Trauma Productions have premiered their latest short film, Pity.

Hey guys, remember when we promised you that we'd do another live commentary sometime soon? Well, it turns out that we weren't lying.

Next week we're supposed to get into single digits here in the Chicago area. Word around campus is this winter will somehow be worse than last. Keep in mind last year I saw 3 days in a row when the temperature was -20 or lower. I don't really have a point here.

Well kids, today is Halloween and come tomorrow you all have nothing else to look forward to in life. Let that sink in for a minute. Good. Now wipe away your stupid baby tears and let's get to the news.

Don't forget that this Sunday is our 3rd not-so-annual Halloween Spooktacular.

Hey remember the Spooktacular ? For those of you who have been listening to the podcast for a few years you might remember them as those fun live video feeds where we all get drunk and watch a movie at the same time.

A couple days ago Mark IMed me and said, "Do you still want to write for the site?". I'm honestly not sure if he was saying it in a "Hey do you want to write for the site? You're pretty good and you should get back into it" or a "What exactly do you think you provide for this world?

Horror sites were beside themselves yesterday at the news that Italian horror director Dario Argento had started an Indiegogo campaign, and is asking the horror fans of the world for money to create his latest "masterpiece".  Maybe I was being naive, expecting the mainstay horror sites to sh

Apparently, this is the week of "rumored forever but now confirmed." After years of speculation, it turns out that the female-centric reboot of Ghostbusters is now a reality, thanks to