SInce it's October and that makes it the official spooky time of the year, I'm going to be playing every single day of the month! Of course, I missed the first couple days, but I'll make sure to remedy that with some extra long episodes in the coming weeks.

Here's to the first episode in the (hopefully) long running series on Resident Evil 4. First released on the Nintendo Gamecube, with multiple remakes for subsequent platforms, the Game of the Year award winning title is now available on PS4 and Xbox One. 

Join our very own Evan as he grapples with the crippling difficulty of "Mighty No 9." the much-discussed spiritual successor to the Mega Man franchise.

Just about anybody who's played video games has played some interation of iD's classic shooter, Doom.  If you haven't, you're in luck because there's now an all new Doom with updated graphics and modern flair, but still hearkens back to the original.

Follow the track record of Capcom’s franchises and there will be a clear push for a return to form in recent years. With Resident Evil 6 upsetting critics and fans, the franchise had to make every attempt to create something worth the zombie enthusiast’s time.

Eric takes on a game born straight from his subconcious, where he gets rewarded for killing loud party goers disrupting his sleep. Stick around for another classic Eric ending.

I take a break from horror related games this week to play a particularly infuriating game from my childhood, Karate Kid for the Nintendo Entertainment System.  Along the way I find my inner fly catcher and maybe make piece with this demon from my past.  Maybe...

Neither of these games is "playable", but there is a certain charm to blowing dudes away with a shotgun in glorious 16 bit. Plus, that music...

To celebrate the release of Jurassic World,  I'm taking a trip back to the 90's and the first Jurassic Park game released for the Sega Genesis (Megadrive in Europe). Prepare to see me OH MY GOD IT'S A T-REX.

I try to use my hatefire to exact revenge on those who've wronged me while playing "Darkman" for the NES.  I am not very successful.