Put on your best tux, slap on some googly eyes and take a ride with me as we check out a surprisingly playable NES game based on the 1991 film "The Adams Family".

In honor of the release of "Fury Road", I attempt to make some sense out of "Mad Max" for the Nintendo Entertainment System.  A game where you can run out of fuel before you even figure out what you're supposed to be doing.  Oh, and don't forget about the bumper cars.  

I take a trip down someone else's memory lane with 1992's "Swamp Thing" for the Nintendo Entertainment System.  And lucky for you, it won't take my Game Genie codes. So get ready to see me die.

As a lifelong horror fan and Mortal Kombat devotee, I was thrilled when Jason was confirmed to be a downloadable character in Mortal Komat X. Horror tie-ins aren't new to the franchise, as Freddy Krueger was a (somewhat disappointing) DLC character in MK9, but now that I'm seeing Jason in action in MKX, it seems that he should have been there all along. Look no further than the fact that homeboy comes to the fight having already killed someone, dragging them across the ground impaled in the skull with his trademark machete. Fatality?

Whether you're an 80's baby or just a fan of all things 80's horror, this boardgame is most certainly for you. Mixtape Massacre allows you and five friends to play as various killers, stalking through the streets of Tall Oaks and having a slashing good time. As you move across the board, you have the opportunity to collect kills, as well as engage in brawls with your fellow monsters. This game has not been released yet, and Bright Lights Media is currently seeking crowdfunding to make it happen.

Watch me make heads or tails (or is it lightbulbs or TNT) of 1989's "Fester's Quest" for the NES, ranked the 73rd worst game ever made by GamesRadar. This god damn game...

Stare into the dark soul of the tempura shrimp, IF YOU DARE.

It's a busy week on Ye Olde Youtube Channel!  The holiday's are behind us and I've been filling up the family shaped void with some video games.  Since last we met, I've added two new videos to our Shadowgate Let's Play Series, plus I've convinced the powers that be to let me post all my gaming videos to the BGH Channel!

In Part V of our Shadowgate Let's Play, our journey continues as we solve more mysteries of Castle Shadowgate!  We run into some unsuspected sorts, face certain doom, unlock more story and maybe solve some old puzzles as well! There are some cool discoveries this time around, so tune in to find out how the story advances.

In Part 4 of our Shadowgate Let's Play, we face off with the pesky Goblin that confronted us at the end of part 3! Plus, we delve deeper into the Castle as we uncover more mystery and more story line! Our quest grows more dire, the deeper we go and the portents hint and something big and evil yet to come.  But, our satchel is over flowing with unlit torches and various pumpkings, so at least we have that going for us.