SInce it's October and that makes it the official spooky time of the year, I'm going to be playing every single day of the month! Of course, I missed the first couple days, but I'll make sure to remedy that with some extra long episodes in the coming weeks.

Here's to the first episode in the (hopefully) long running series on Resident Evil 4. First released on the Nintendo Gamecube, with multiple remakes for subsequent platforms, the Game of the Year award winning title is now available on PS4 and Xbox One. 

Join our very own Evan as he grapples with the crippling difficulty of "Mighty No 9." the much-discussed spiritual successor to the Mega Man franchise.

We Are Colony is a subscription service that seeks to connect viewers with great film-makers, and seems to primarily deal ins short films. The Body is one such film.

Check out what happens when evil editors at BGH match images from The Exorcist with a razor sharp dubstep remix of the movie's main theme.

Welcome to the great BGH redesign of 2014! To celebrate, Bloody Good Horror is releasing the video below. It combines my borderline disturbing love of Friday the 13th, dubstep remixes of horror themes, and seizure inducing editing.

I have no idea what to say about this but I think I love it.

The fine folks over at the Bad Lip Reading Youtube Channel made internet waves a few months back with their NFL lip reading video. It was downright hilarious, even you're not a football fan!

HI EVERYBODY! (This needs to be read in a Simpson-esque Dr. Nick voice. Otherwise, it just totally doesn't work). It is I, your Connoisseur of Crap, returning from yet another extended hiatus. No, this time, the guys didn't "forget" they had locked me in the basement; I've just been recovering from some surgeries. You don't really know "exhausted" until you're just too damn tired to watch horror movies and make sarcastic comments on the interwebs. Luckily for you, coinciding with my triumphant return is a return of another kind: Everyone's favorite misunderstood swamp-dwelling, hatchet-wielding, slightly deformed, yet oh-so-lovable maniac, Victor Crowley (who is again played by the towering Kane Hodder of Friday the 13th fame) is back for another gore soaked swamp-romp in HATCHET 3!

I saw a great indie film recently called "The Corridor" (here's my review).