Horror Headlines: Tuesday October 5th, 2010

Did anyone other than Mark see "The Collector"? Follow up question, did anyone see it and like it? Didn't think so. Well news today that there's going to be a "Collector 3D" and it's going to be in.. well, 3D. You probably guessed that from the title though.

"She Wolf Rising" is not going to be a good movie but here's some pictures of Tiffany Shepis who stars in it rolling around. There's really not much news here but I think you'll appreciate it nonetheless. So uh, how's your week going? Some weather we're having huh?

So that whole unrated thing kind of backfired didn't it? Not to be outdone by Canada, "Hatchet II" has now been pulled from US theaters. But man those 2 days that it was showing sure were special weren't they? Did anyone get to see it? Tell me what it's like to love.

Take a look at this new picture from "Scream 4" and try to tell me you don't feel a little bad for Ghostface. It's him and a bunch of his other Ghostface friends riding a bus to school. But look, they're all sitting alone, none of them are friends. My heart is breaking.

In Real People News: 

Mark it on your calendars folks, today PETA did something I may actually agree with. A California restaurant has pulled the "Dancing Shrimp" off of their menu after complaints from the animal rights group. What's the dancing shrimp your might ask? Well it's a live prawn that has it's shell ripped off and then you get to squeeze lemon on it and watch it "dance" AKA jump in ungodly pain until it dies. Adorable.

On this day in history: 

1968 – Police take batons to civil rights demonstrators in Derry, Northern Ireland – considered to mark the beginning of The Troubles.


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