5/10 Shuttle

"It's a punch to the gut... a bleak and hopeless ending in a film that continually coaxes you into not giving up hope."

Posted 04/07/09 by Eric
7/10 Bad Biology

"Bad Biology is pure Henenlotter. It's sleazy, trashy, putrid, weird, funny, and uncomfortably vulgar - all at the same time."

Posted 04/07/09 by Todd
8/10 Perkins 14

"Perkins 14 is a great amalgamation of parts stemming from several different genres."

Posted 04/07/09 by Casey
3/10 Triloquist

"Automatonophobics who check out 'Triloquist' for a cheap thrill will probably find themselves wondering if the filmmakers are as hollow-headed as the dummy in the movie. "

Posted 04/06/09 by John Shelton
6/10 The Haunting in Connecticut

"Peter Cornwell has not created the finest of haunted house films. He has however, made a very nice attempt."

Posted 04/03/09 by Jon
8/10 Psycho II

On the eve of what would have been Anthony Perkins 77th birthday, Tor takes a look at the sequel that almost never happened.

Posted 04/03/09 by Tor
7/10 Timecrimes

Casey's expectations may not have been in check, but he still enjoyed this Spanish mind-bender quite a bit.

Posted 04/02/09 by Casey
6/10 The Burrowers

Todd: "While the gems in this peculiar subgenre are worth their weight in platinum tumbleweeds, it would appear that crafting a decent western horror flick is a lot harder than it looks on paper.

Posted 04/01/09 by Todd
6/10 Voice

Shelton: "It might be surprising that perhaps the most popular Korean horror franchise has never been tapped for a Hollywood remake..."

Posted 03/31/09 by John Shelton
6/10 Strange Behaviour

"This is the only film that I am aware of where nocturnal Frisbee enthusiasts serve as the deus ex machina."

Posted 03/27/09 by Tor
5/10 Drive Thru

"Sadly, this leaves you with an empty feeling on what could have been quite a fulfilling fast food horror film."

Posted 03/26/09 by Casey
9/10 Blood, Boobs & Beast

Equal parts Z-grade horror study and touching tribute to an obscure filmmaker who's no longer with us.

Posted 03/25/09 by Eric
7/10 Midnight Movie

" have no choice but to give yourself over to its goofy, indescribably innocent charm."

Posted 03/24/09 by Todd
7/10 Alien Raiders

Despite the unfortunate title, Shelton finds a lot to like in "Alien Raiders".

Posted 03/23/09 by John Shelton
8/10 American Scary

Tor takes a look at this lovingly crafted tribute to the horror hosts of his youth, and the new generation using the internet to pick up where they left off.

Posted 03/20/09 by Tor
7/10 Lights Camera Dead

Casey says this micro-budget meta slasher shows tons of potential.

Posted 03/19/09 by Casey
4/10 Killer Movie

I'm sure the makers of "Killer Movie" had a lot of profound things to say about horror and reality television, unfortunately I couldn't tell you what any of those things are.

Posted 03/18/09 by Eric
9/10 Martyrs

Although it contains fetishized torture, Shelton maintains the words "torture porn" are the last that could be used to describe this French powerhouse of a movie.

Posted 03/16/09 by John Shelton
4/10 The Last House on the Left (Remake)

Jon says that despite some positive aspects, something about this remake is just "a little too easy".

Posted 03/15/09 by Jon
5/10 Cold Prey (Fritt vilt)

Tor tries his best to praise this Norwegian stalk & slash, but runs out of back-handed compliments about halfway through.

Posted 03/13/09 by Tor
7/10 Dark Reel

Casey finds this indie slasher enjoyable despite some of the hammy performances by genre vets, and having to watch a sex scene with Eddie Furlong.

Posted 03/12/09 by Casey
8/10 Bug

Shelton takes on a difficult film he thinks you may have skipped due to mis-marketing, and finds there's a lot to like.

Posted 03/11/09 by John Shelton
8/10 Mum & Dad

Don't let the cutesey name fool you, this one is about as disturbing as they come.

Posted 03/10/09 by Todd
8/10 Best Worst Movie

In this new documentary just premiered at SXSW, Michael Paul Stephenson comes to grips with starring in the worst movie ever made, "Troll 2".

Posted 03/09/09 by Eric
7/10 The Inglorious Bastards

Tor suits up for combat with this classic rip on "The Dirty Dozen", from a bygone era of Italian exploitation.

Posted 03/06/09 by Tor
7/10 Hansel & Gretel

Todd takes on this surrealist fairy tale from Korean director Pil-Sung Yim, and finds it both pleasurable and frustrating.

Posted 03/05/09 by Todd
2/10 The Haunting of Molly Hartley

Also known by its alternate title: "Eric takes one for the team".

Posted 03/04/09 by Eric
5/10 Manhunt (Rovdyr)

Todd checks out this Norwegian slasher, and is a little mixed on the experience.

Posted 03/03/09 by Todd
5/10 The Last House in the Woods

Whether it was the intention or not, Shelton loves this modern day Italian sleaze-fest for all the wrong reasons.

Posted 03/02/09 by John Shelton
5/10 The Horrors of Malformed Men

Tor takes a trip knee-deep into Japan's exploitation heyday.

Posted 02/27/09 by Tor

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