8/10 I Sell the Dead

"If this trend keeps up, we can declare cinematic horror dead and just sit at home and let the vastly superior movies come to us."

Posted 09/08/09 by John Shelton
7/10 Dead Man's Shoes

"Paddy Considine’s fearless turn as Richard and the film’s quirky downbeat spirit manage to make 'Dead Man’s Shoes' a worthwhile watch for most people."

Posted 09/04/09 by Tor
2/10 The Final Destination

"The picture takes everything that made the first two films a success and ignores them entirely, opting instead to spoon feed its built-in audience..."

Posted 09/03/09 by Todd
5/10 Boot Camp

"If you look at 'Boot Camp' as a made for TV drama, it is not a bad movie."

Posted 09/02/09 by Casey
8/10 Mad Detective

"It's fairly easy to figure out whos, the whys, and the hows in 'Mad Detective' -- the experience is more focused on the journey than the destination."

Posted 09/01/09 by Todd
1/10 Halloween 2

"The new film picks up right as the first remake ended, following the aftermath of Michael Myers' murderous rampage through the eyes of the sister he hunted..."

Posted 08/31/09 by Jon
7/10 Soft for Digging

"A major accomplishment and is a very rewarding watch for those with the patience to put up with the sometimes overly-ambitious pretensions of a talented, rookie director."

Posted 08/31/09 by John Shelton
9/10 What Have You Done to Solange?

"'What Have You Done to Solange?' stands shoulder to shoulder with all of the great Giallos."

Posted 08/28/09 by Tor
4/10 Grotesque

"Watching human beings pointlessly torment other human beings doesn't sound like a good time to me, especially if cruelty is the only thing the film offers up."

Posted 08/27/09 by Todd
3/10 Wyvern Posted 08/26/09 by Casey
5/10 Diagnosis: Death

"Stutter and Kan never seem to know what, exactly, their movie wants to be when it grows up."

Posted 08/25/09 by Todd
9/10 Frankenhooker

"Every inch of "Frankenhooker" is coated in deep-fried sleaze, its humor dripping like yellow infection from a pair of soiled underwear."

Posted 08/21/09 by Todd
7/10 Surveillance

"Though I am sure no child of a famous filmmaker relishes the idea of having their work held up next to their more famous parent, here the comparison is unavoidable."

Posted 08/20/09 by Tor
6/10 Hell House: The Book of Samiel Posted 08/19/09 by Casey
8/10 Of Unknown Origin

"This B-grade cinematic equation keeps getting tastier by the minute. How I ever lived without it is beyond me."

Posted 08/18/09 by Todd
5/10 Feed

"These days, thanks to the internet, the average person sees things before breakfast that in the past required a trip to Mexico, Amsterdam or maybe even a jaunt into international waters."

Posted 08/17/09 by John Shelton
5/10 Crowley

"Crowley is the brainchild of Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson and director Julian Doyle. It is a very ambitious concept backed up by what would seem to be a good amount of research."

Posted 08/14/09 by Tor
3/10 Marronnier

"By the time the end credits were rolling, my head was effectively whipped into submission, violently subdued by what can only be described as an amateur film perpetrated by a frenzied madman."

Posted 08/13/09 by Todd
4/10 Angel of Death

"[Bell serves] her duties well enough as did her co-stars, but the movie falls short with over ambitious writing. It's definitely a case of too much style over not enough substance."

Posted 08/12/09 by Casey
8/10 Last of the Living

"Last of the Living has more strengths than faults, though I suspect most genre-happy individuals will despise the film rather than appreciate it for what it is."

Posted 08/11/09 by Todd
7/10 Deadgirl

"Some of the inconsistencies and questionable ethics of “Deadgirl” can be somewhat forgiven on the basis that it is a startlingly original story that is like no other horror movie I’ve seen."

Posted 08/10/09 by John Shelton
4/10 A Perfect Getaway

As satisfying as a melted margarita: sure it will get you drunk, but it's just not cold or sweet enough to be worth your time.

Posted 08/08/09 by Jon
8/10 A Lizard in a Woman's Skin

"If Dario Argento is the Italian Hitchcock, then the temptation would be to label Fulci the Italian H.G. Lewis.

Posted 08/07/09 by Tor
7/10 Lesbian Vampire Killers

"Rewiring your brain may be required before viewing, especially if you are fond of ripping films apart for the sheer pleasure of it."

Posted 08/06/09 by Todd
4/10 The Chaos Experiment Posted 08/05/09 by Casey
8/10 Evil Ed

"All of these putrid, stomach-churning images are having their way with Ed's fragile little mind, causing him to experience a series of horrific hallucinations."

Posted 08/04/09 by Todd
6/10 The Last Winter

"It’s beyond me how the protectors of Mother Nature end up looking like the bugs from 'Starship Troopers' with the head of a moose."

Posted 08/03/09 by John Shelton
5/10 The Collector

"If you aren't yet bored of traps 'n' torture, this film will more than satisfy your bloodlust."

Posted 08/01/09 by mark
5/10 Moscow Zero

"Demons that bludgeon a couple of people to death off screen and kidnap a woman only to let her free without harm just don’t prime the tension pump."

Posted 07/31/09 by Tor
8/10 The Bone Yard

"How James Cummins' 1991 gore-soaked freak-out The Bone Yard slipped under my expensive, state-of-the-art B-movie radar is beyond me."

Posted 07/30/09 by Todd

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