7/10 The Cottage

Casey reviews this crime heist slasher hybrid from the UK.

Posted 05/16/08 by Casey
7/10 [REC]

Headed up to this weekend's episode about "The Crazies," take a gander at John Shelton's review of the spanish film [REC], also rife with disease and paranoia.

Posted 05/14/08 by John Shelton
7/10 Zombie Strippers

They might be plastic, but Jon approves of these zombies' assets.

Posted 05/06/08 by Jon
7/10 Botched Posted 05/01/08 by Casey
9/10 Dying Breed

Jon reviews this Australian gem playing at this year's After Dark Horror Fest

Posted 04/30/08 by Jon
5/10 The Objective

Schnaars chimes in from a fancy red carpet world premiere at the Tribeca film festival, with a review of the Blair Witch co-helmer's latest.

Posted 04/25/08 by Jon
8/10 Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead

This film is proof that Lloyd Kaufman will never run out of ways to kill people via anal insertion. Now on DVD!

Posted 04/18/08 by Casey
8/10 Peeping Tom

"The great ones are lonely all the time."

Posted 04/17/08 by Eric
4/10 White Noise 2: The Light Posted 04/14/08 by Casey
2/10 Prom Night

Worst film of the year. Hands down.

Posted 04/11/08 by Eric
4/10 Beyond Re-animator Posted 04/10/08 by Eric
7/10 Sick Nurses

Shelton gives us a preview of this twisted Thai flick about to hit US shores.

Posted 04/09/08 by John Shelton
2/10 April Fool's Day

Casey says "Ugh"

Posted 04/08/08 by Casey
8/10 Megasnake Posted 04/07/08 by Louis Fowler
4/10 The Ruins

"The Ruins" aims low and comes up short, says Jon.

Posted 04/05/08 by Jon
6/10 Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer

Who knew Freddy was so funny?

Posted 04/02/08 by Casey
7/10 It's My Party and I'll Die if I Want To

It has been over a year since we met the folks from Scotchworthy Productions, who just so happened to be promoting this very worthy cheese fest.

Posted 03/26/08 by Casey
6/10 Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers Posted 03/25/08 by Eric
5/10 Shutter

Such wasted potential, so little thrills.

Posted 03/22/08 by Eric
5/10 Popcorn

Ah the 80’s; a fine period of horror cinema. At least that’s the way it seems as I look back through my rose colored glasses. Often times this holds true; sadly often times these recollections fall far short of the way I remember them. Perhaps it’s the innocence of youth, perhaps it’s my newly gnarled old man exterior these days. Regardless, some movies I remember fondly from back in the day, turn out to kind a suck. Such is the case with “Popcorn”. Sure, the movie came out in 91, but was a definite hold out of 80’s aesthetic. Clothes, hair, jokes; it was all there and all very 80’s.

Posted 03/20/08 by Casey
3/10 The Sickhouse

Anna is a young archaeologist who has made the find of her career; an old hospital, built atop an even older orphanage that dates back to the times of the plague. The problem is, the powers that be fear that opening the foundations of this old orphanage could create the dawn of the plague in the new era. Turns out they were close, because something darker lurks beneath as Anna starts to find connections between the orphanage and records of unexplained child deaths.

Posted 03/19/08 by Casey
2/10 The Lost Posted 03/19/08 by Louis Fowler
7/10 Doomsday

Although far from perfect, "Doomsday" has become a standard by which all modern cheese is judged. Horror can (and should!) be fun!

Posted 03/15/08 by Jon
8/10 The New York Ripper Posted 03/14/08 by Eric
5/10 Carver Posted 03/12/08 by Casey
9/10 Sands of Oblivion Posted 03/08/08 by Louis Fowler
8/10 Wrestlemaniac

In honor of the heroic luchador minis from "Feast 2," take some time to check out Louis Fowler's review of "Wrestlemaniac." Surprise, it's awesome!

Posted 03/04/08 by Louis Fowler
9/10 Inside

"A worthy, modern-day successor to Halloween"

Posted 02/29/08 by John Shelton
2/10 Diary of the Dead

As George Romero preps to shoot "Diary of the Dead 2", Schnaars tells us all why the first one was an epic fail, and why he compares the film to a "crotchety old man's editorial to the local newspaper."

Posted 02/17/08 by Jon
8/10 Taxidermia

"Somewhere beneath the puke and entrails and armpit hair there's a kind of grotesque beauty to be found."

Posted 02/14/08 by John Shelton

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