hansel & gretel witch hunters

Tommy Wirkola has brought an awful lot of mayhem to the big screen in his short career.  After his breakout hit "Dead Snow" he hit US shores with "Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters". Now, he's back with a more Westernized version of his first film with "Dead Snow 2", about to be released in the US.  Here's what he had to say recently when we sat down with him.

Gareth Edwards recently made waves with his low budget success "Monsters". Legendary Pictures was so impressed with his bargain barrel monster effects, they've now tapped the director to helm their "Godzilla" remake. Sure, Edwards proved himself a decent director but, we all remember how the last American "Godzilla" remake turned out, don't we?

If you didn't hate the poorly named McG already, prepare to set your phasers to loathe. The director has stepped in to take over the troubled "Ouija" board movie. Yes, a movie on the crappy Hasbro board game.

George Clooney is going to return to his horror roots as he signs on to star in the serial killer thriller "The Monster of Florence".

I've long thought that the classic Grimm Fairy Tale "Hansel and Gretel" lacked sexiness. Thank god Gemma Artetron and Jeremy Renner have signed on for "Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters".