mongolian death worm

Mongolian Death Worm (REVIEW)

I loved the movie “Tremors” as a child. I really don’t know why. There was something about Kevin Bacon and some hillbilly survivalist out-running and fighting giant worm monsters called Graboids that really spoke to five year old me. It’s kind of always been a sentimental favorite of mine, even though I haven’t watched it in at least ten years. When I got the DVD for “Mongolian Death Worm” sent to me, the first thing I thought upon looking at the cover was “huh, this looks like a shitty version of “Tremors””. Then I watched it.

Horror Headlines: Tuesday March 13th, 2010

Remember when MTV used to be about music? Even though they do not like music videos anymore, they do like horror! To further prove their love, the network has announced their plans for "The Truth Below", a feature length film starring Reid Ewing. Little is known about the film so far aside from it being a survival horror film centered on a group of teens trapped in an avalanche.

Always willing to mine the depths of any culture to make a bad movie, the Syfy Channel has now set its sights on The Mongolian Death Worm for their next creature feature. Starring Sean Patrick Flannery, the film surely spells the downfall of the former Boondock Saint's career!

Kevin Pollack has a knack for impersonations and comedy, but can he pull off horror? We'll find out soon as his new web series "Vamped Out" debuts on

The bar for being a stalker has officially been raised. A former police officer posed as a fake stalker and begun sending his victim threatening sexual emails. Then posing as his true self, he went to the woman to offer her protection from her stalker. Which she fell for.

A Chicago man took his son to Sox Park for the opening day of Major League Baseball. A time honored tradition between father and son. He wasn't prepared for the other honored tradition between father of son, the birds and the bees talk, but was forced to anyway after they caught a young couple having sex in the bathroom stall".

On this day in history: 

1883 - Convicted cannibal Alfred Packer is sentenced to death in Colorado.

Horror Headlines: Thursday October 8th, 2009

Brad Anderson, of "Session 9" fame, has signed on to direct "The Living and the Dead" for Solipsist films. The story is about a "monstrous character who engages in the 19th century version of snuff theater, luring innocent poeple in a Grand Guignol of flesh and blood".

"Paranormal Activity" producers ready to sell spec for "The Jealous One".

I'm just as surprised as this guy is that Syfy has yet to make a film about the Mongolian Deathworm. Looks like we're both getting our wish?

Check out the trailer for Rob Hall's web series "Fear Clinic". Hall is fresh off his direct to video slasher "Laid To Rest". This new series will be airing exclusively on FearNET.

In Real People News: 

You may have thought that owning 80 cats had something to do with the fire that destroyed this woman's home, but you'd be wrong... it was actually a colony of ants who were nesting around an electrical outlet. That is some seriously impressive hygiene, right there.

Tough guys think they're going to beat up on a couple of fellas in drag, turns out they're cage fighters on a "fancy dress stag night" out with friends. Fierce ass-kicking ensues.

This is officially the first time I've ever heard of someone being murdered over a BAM-BAM pendant. Or really, anything BAM-BAM related. He must have been a huge Flinstones fan.

People trying support local farmers by buying locally grown marijuana in California are putting financial hurt on Mexican drug cartels. Go Mom & Pop!!

On this day in history: 

1966: Lysergic Acid (LSD) is enrolled on the list of controlled substances.

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