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What do a bitter nightwatchman, a neurotic teenager, and a fast talking businessman expecting a child have in common? They are the anchors by which Ghost Stories manages to twist its anthology conceit in such a way that no matter how different, their experiences have a miraculous sense of connective tissues that begs audiences to re-watch the second it's over.

A tormented couple teams with a paranormal investigator in The Dark Tapes

Ambition and a love for 2012’s V/H/S are two things The Dark Tapes has in spades. What the film lacks, however, is a sense of when to stop talking to its audience.  A found footage anthology film, The Dark Tapes looks to have sprouted from the wraparound story in V/H/S. Filmmakers Michael McQuown (director/writer for all but one segment) and Vincent J.

The road trip has come to symbolize numerous things in the milieu of cinema USA. It’s freedom, self-discovery, escape, or denial. Whether from Rey, Hellman, Peckinpah, Malick, Reichardt, or as depicted in a sea of sex comedies, horror stories, or motorcycle gang flicks, the road has unspooled across celluloid landscapes as yellow paint races by and voluminous clouds however in the distance. Though far from specific to the U.S. such a story had come to inform many New Hollywood filmmakers and their subsequent acolytes. And at their core, they are films about uncertainty.

The stylistic aping of 70s and 80s horror has become just as much a genre staple as possession films and found footage.

It's another one of these things...

Twilight Zone: Season 5
Duration: (1963-1964)
Creator: Rod Serling
Company: Image Entertainment
Release Date: Sep. 3rd 2013

The Theatre Bizarre

As horror anthology films go, “The Theatre Bizarre” may be the most varied. Most short films in anthologies have a similar theme, or at least tone. Not this one. From subtle to outlandish, from supernatural to psychological, “The Theatre Bizarre” is all over the map. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, some of the shorts are quite good, just know you need to bring an open mind.

"V/H/S" is a new, independent horror anthology that comes to you from ten, count 'em, ten directors, including current horror golden boy Ti West ("The Innkeepers"). The entire film is shot in a first person "found footage" style, although the subject matter of the stories varies wildly.

Its a smorgasbord of hilarious horror on this week's show.

We go back to the 90's, a magical time of hardcore rap and refried beans, with a review of the Spike Lee-produced anthology film "Tales From The Hood".