Scene from the film "Gravy"

In the new trailer for Gravy, most of the typical Halloween traditions are bypassed in favor of a much grislier past time. Instead of carving up a pumpkin or marathoning their way through a few horror flicks, three of the film’s characters spend October 31 chopping up and devouring a few strangers. However, they are wearing costumes while they murder and cannibalize. At least some things are sacred.  

If you ever find yourself pining for the days when the horror genre was dominated by Asian-inspired flicks, you’re going to want to watch the new trailer for The Forest. It’s got everything you’ve been missing. Vengeful ghosts, a soundtrack full of spooky, throaty noises and a ghastly mystery which our attractive leads must unravel.

Night of Something Strange

In the trailer for Night of Something Strange, sex is once again the catalyst for some very bad things happening to a group of young or young-ish adults. However, while this past spring's It Follows put a mostly psychological spin on the proceedings, Night of Something Strange goes in the complete opposite direction. A direction which involves ample amounts of blood, rotting flesh and - of course - genital-based tentacles.   

Image from What We Become

Right from the start, the international trailer for the Danish horror flick What We Become has an air of familiarity about it. It follows a path well-worn by the multitude of zombie and outbreak movies that have come before. Even though it doesn’t appear to be breaking a ton of new ground narratively, the What We Become trailer shouldn’t be written off.

In terms of look and feel, the trailer for the new movie February has plenty in common with the month whose name it shares. It has a harsh, bleak atmosphere and a sort of persistent coldness about it that you can’t quite shake. When it ends, you may feel like you’ve just gone through a two and a half minute long bout of seasonal affective disorder.

Krampus in A Christmas Horror Story

The Chinese calendar may say 2015 is the Year of the Sheep, but it’s rapidly becoming the Year of the Goat – more accurately, a giant goat-monster named Krampus. He’ll be dishing out Christmas-infused mayhem in two separate films this year, including a turn as the main baddie in Krampus (Dec. 4). Before that happens, he’ll share the screen with twisted takes on several beloved holiday characters and traditions in the anthology flick A Christmas Horror Story.

Monster from the new film "Krampus"

Move over, Elf on the Shelf. The new trailer for Krampus has sounded the alarm that the original bad boy of Christmas is back and he is ready to spread whatever the polar opposite of holiday cheer is. Jump in bed and cover up your head because this holiday season, a giant goat creature and his legions of ghoulishly festive minions come to town! 

McAvoy and Radcliffe star in "Victor Frankenstein"

Victor Frankenstein isn’t your mom and pop’s Frankenstein story, a point the folks who put together the film’s new trailer go to great, almost tedious lengths to hammer home. In this version, our protagonists, the titular doctor and his humble assistant, Igor, are both devilishly handsome and are prone to fits of witty-banter and action-movie spectacle. All of which are highlighted exhaustively by the trailer.

There were a lot of murmurings earlier this year about an upcoming thriller called Final Girl starring Abigail Breslin, which will push the trope of a Final Girl to its furthest extreme. That movie was released on VOD on August 14, and is not the title that concerns us today. Instead, we are here to talk about the first trailer for the new horror-comedy The Final Girls (hence the confusion).

Nic Cage in Pay the Ghost

These days Nicolas Cage is at his best – or his worst, or maybe they’re the same thing? – when he’s playing a character who stumbles upon the machinations of entities much larger than himself. In the trailer for his latest film, Pay the Ghosthe takes a break from neo-pagan cults, the founding fathers and angry deities and focuses his energy on some sort of child-abducting monster.