When Animals Dream

If you're a fan of Let the Right One In and Ginger Snaps, this new Danish coming-of-age werewolf film will probably be right up your alley.

Stung trailer

In the trailer for Stung, a collection of rambunctious party crashers descend on a demure, upper class garden party. It’s not rowdy teens, it’s somehow much worse: mutated and very angry killer wasps. It’s up to the surviving partygoers and a pair of will-they, won’t-they (you know they totally will) caterers to fight off the winged menaces.

Scout encounters zombie cat

In the new red band trailer for Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, a pair of dorky high schoolers and their dorkier other friend are sidetracked on their way to what promises to be the party of their young lives.

From the studio that brings you Robot Chicken comes a new ADULTS ONLY horror comedy, in their signature stop-motion style. 

Hell & Back follows best friends Remy and Augie as they are transported to Hell to find their friend Curt after finding a book that opens the demensions between worlds. Finding their best friend isn't the only problem the duo faces, as they navigate the underworld they encounter sexy half demons, an insecure Devil, snooty angels and strange men. 

If Bruce McDonald knows how to do one thing, it’s make beautifully visual movies that linger in your memory well after the screen goes blank. Most well known for the sleeper full of creeps, Pontypool, McDonald is back and teaming with writer Pascal Trottier (The Colony) for some devilish, Halloween terror with Hellions.

We’ve all been burned by the promise of a truly terrifying and haunting film but 2016 might be year of The Witch. Winning Best Director at Sundance this year, writer and director Robert Eggers (now tapped for the Nosferatu remake) takes us back to creepy colonial New England.

Dean Cates in "Pod"

Is there really a monster in the basement or does it exist solely in their brother’s mind? It's not quite "To be or not to be?" but it is the question facing a pair of siblings early in the new trailer for Mickey Keating’s Pod.

Isla Fisher in Visions

The horror factory that is Blumhouse Productions hasn’t slowed its pace yet. The trailer for its latest offering, Visions, has arrived. Don’t worry if you miss this one when it comes to theaters this September as Jason Blum’s perpetually busy company still has three more horror releases due out before the clock strikes 2016.

Isolation Stephen Lang and Luke Mably

In the new trailer for Isolation, a couple’s vacation to an out of the way tropical locale is interrupted by pirates, and unfortunately they aren’t the swaggering, rum-loving, Johnny Depp kind. These pirates may get you drunk, but once they do, they’ll break into your house, steal all your stuff and then try to leave you good and dead.

Elias and Lukas wear homemade masks in "Goodnight Mommy"

The relationship between mothers and their sons has always been fertile ground for the horror genre, and it’s that connection which is at the heart of the unnerving new trailer for the Austrian film Goodnight Mommy.