It wasn't until I was well ensconced in my horror loving fandom that I saw the original TV mini-series adaptation of Stephen King’s It.

Yes. I'm calling it. It's the Shyamalissance. I'd like to say I only made it up to see if I could get Schnaars to try pronounce it on the podcast, but I honestly think there's a good chance we are witnessing a bit of a resurgence for Mr. M.

Blair Witch 2016 Trailer

The makers of Blair Witch (2016) pulled the old switcheroo on us.

The 9th Life of Louis Drax Trailer
File this one under "Titles Certain to Confuse Moviegoers" ("Wait. He's not a cat?"). The 9th Life of Louis Drax - based on the novel by Liz Jensen - is about a boy who falls off a cliff on his 9th birthday but, miraculously, lives.

Your favorite rocker turned director, Rob Zombie has released the first official trailer for his clown driven horror show, 31.

If there are two things that editors love putting in horror movie trailers, it's creepy men with southern accents, and ominous record players, and you can bet the folks who cut the trailer for Carnage Park had a field day when they found both at their disposal. 

Fede Alvarez has been a little quiet since he made a big splash with 2013's Evil Dead remake. Since then there's been rumblings of sequel and some TV work, but most have been waiting for what was next for the director on the big screen.

Incarnate Trailer

WWE Studios and the juggernaut known as Blumhouse have joined forces to bring yet another story about possession to the big screen in the form of Incarnate. While it doesn't seem that there will be any actual wrasslin' going on, the film does boast Aaron Eckhart's prodigious chin.

Brace yourself. Ben Wheately produced films are coming; and for good reason. After the emergence of both High-Rise and Kill List as critical darlings the man’s name is quickly becoming synonymous with a certain level of artistic quality and gravitas that makes genre fans salivate.

Indie director Adam Wingard made a name for himself as a director of horror shorts.