Horror Headlines: Tuesday December 28th, 2010

Here's a gang of new shots from Anthony Hopkins' new film "The Rite" which comes out on January 28th. The film revolves around a skeptical student at an exorcism school and features the most disappointing panty raid you've ever seen.

Now sit down kids and I'll tell you about how video games used to be played on the PC and were mostly just a lot of pointing and clicking. And by far my favorite of the genre was "7th Guest" which will be landing on your iPhone and iPad in the near future. Of course I never saw a reason to have an iPad until now and I refuse to pay for one just to play a 20 year old game, but still, this is awesome news.

Joe R. Lansdale, the guy who wrote "Bubba Ho Tep" among other things, will see his heartwarming zombie story "Christmas with the Dead" made into a movie sometime next year. Yet more proof that if you wait long enough you'll never have to read another book again.

Here's a trailer for the Swedish ax murderer flick "Blood Runs Cold". Apparently the film was shot on a budget of just 5k, but honestly it looks so good you can hardly tell. Which is a bummer because I wanted nothing more in this world than to make some sarcastic comments about the Swedes. You win this round!

In Real People News: 

A man in San Diego is under arrest after he barged into his father's room and attacked him with a samurai sword. There is absolutely no reason anyone should be allowed to own a samurai sword. If you have one sitting on your mantel then you're really just waiting for a friend to get drunk and stab you, and guess what, you'll deserve it.

Now this is more like it. A drunk teen in Connecticut is being brought up on charges after assaulting her father with a Christmas Tree. Mean? Yes, but check out the picture of her and tell me you haven't fallen in love with her hair. Tell me! That's right I didn't think so.


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