Horror Headlines: Friday November 19th, 2010

Here's a new one sheet for "Hobo With a Shotgun" for your viewing pleasure. I've officially run out of clever things to say about the film so just make up your own and imagine me saying it. I better have my pants on in your imagination though, I'm not into the sick crap.

People all over the world are going gaga for the new "Cowboys & Aliens" trailer and if you're not crapping your pants already you will be soon. The film stars James Bond as a cowboy who fights aliens. I think that's accurate. I don't know, a bunch of crap blows up.

Mexican aliens are so hot right now! Well alright let me be clear, I mean the little green men from outer space type aliens not the guys running across the border. We're still split 50/50 on those. Anyway here's the trailer "Night Without Sky", a new Mexican Alien invasion flick. See how that tied in?

Those of you who are fans of Chiller TV, and who isn't, will be happy to know that the channel will be counting down the decades scariest movie moments. Are you pumped? No?! Well it's a slow day so you'll take what I give you.

In Real People News: 

A theater in Massachusetts accidentally showed "Saw 3D" instead of "Megamind" to a group of kids. The film was cut off rather quickly but not before the kids got an eyeful of some pretty fun killings. I'd guess there's a lot of people out there who had wished theaters had accidentally done the reverse when going to see "Saw 3D".

A man in Idaho has been jailed for impersonating a doctor at local bars. Namely a doctor who gives out free breast exams at bars. I don't know why anyone would trust a doctor who doesn't have a Female Body Inspector card though, come on people, think!


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