We're back, and so is Chucky!

Aka the most exciting week of Carl's life...

The first existential crisis of 2013...

If this is an omen for horror in 2013... woof.

Let's deal with the question on everyone's mind right off the top: Would the sequel to 2010's well-regarded horror comedy "Piranha 3D" be able to match the disembodied male sex organ quotient of the original? Happily -- or perhaps unhappily, depending on your feelings -- the answer is yes, sweet lord yes!

"Paranormal Activity 3" takes viewers back to see where the activity began.

After a legitimate breakout and a strong follow-up, it was safe to say that we're now stuck with "Paranormal Activity," for better or for worse. And while that type of success is usually a recipe for Hollywood studio scrimping and laziness, this series may mark one of the first instances where producers have managed to grow a series both in ambition and quality as it progresses.

Don't look now -- Final Destination is BACK!

Now that Jigsaw has retired his creepy tricycle riding doll and both Jason and Freddy have returned to only middling success, it is high time that a new horror franchise swoops in to fill the void. As it turns out, that horror franchise may have been with us all along. With "Final Destination 5" the fine people at New Line Cinema have somehow managed to quietly -- in relative terms -- sneak a fourth sequel of the 2000 surprise hit "Final Destination" into theaters. Sneaked seems the appropriate term as it doesn't quite feel like anyone in particular was clamoring for this movie.

It's been a long strange trip my friends. The original "The Lost Boys" film that was released all the way back in 1987 is pretty much a classic to not just horror fans but to anyone who was smart enough to see the film. Over the next twenty years we saw the rise and fall of the two Coreys, the greasy sax man work his way into pop culture and a much debated sequel titled "Lost Boys: The Tribe". The film did nothing to capture the joy we all felt when we saw the original but it did well enough that in 2010 we now have "Lost Boys: The Thirst".

The original “Return of the Living Dead” is a true classic and one of my favorite genre movies. Mixing equal parts horror and comedy, the original film managed to be incredibly fresh and entertaining, and set the bar for what a non-Romero zombie film could be. Since the original came out, “Return of the Living Dead” has become it’s own series, spawning four sequels. Strangely enough, despite my love for the first film, I’ve never seen any of the sequels and have now set out to right this issue. The question is, does “Return of the Living Dead: Part II” live up to it’s name?

This is the face Neil Marshall will make when he sees this.