Jeffrey Dean Morgan

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"The Possession" is an exorcism film in the vein of the grandaddy of them all, "The Exorcist", one that proudly wears its 70's roots on its sleeve. Helmed by "Nightwatch" (1997) director Ole Bornedal, "The Possession" stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan as a single father, doing his best to deal with his career as a basketball coach, while trying to maintain a relationship with his two young daughters, whom he has custody of on the weekends. This task is made harder by his relationship with his wife, whom was clearly the one who ended things.

As expected Sunday night's "The Walking Dead" season finale went balls out with the rating, pulling about 8.1 million viewers between the 10 pm and 1 am showings. That's up 9% from last week's show and the series had the highest average for a cable show since 1993. That's a lot of math and to be honest the most amazing part is that I somewhat understand it.

It's no surprise that the producers of "American Psycho: The Musical" are promising tons of gore. Well maybe it's a little surprise since it's going to be on Broadway but that's nowhere near as surprising as the fact that Tom Cruise might be making a small cameo in the show. I know this isn't sarcasm but somehow I still feel like I'm being a wise ass here.

Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman, I've had dreams that start with those two names. Nightmares, I meant nightmares... I swear! Anyway there's a bunch of new interviews with the two up on the tubes with them talking about how exciting their new flick "Season of the Witch" is. Get hot and bothered!

Hammer's next film titled "The Resident" will apparently not be released in theaters but instead see a DVD/Blu-Ray release on March 29th, 2011. My guess for the change in plans is that putting both Hilary Swank and Jeffrey Dean Morgan on the screen together would cause theaters to burst into flames from all the heat. Now it'll just be your home.