Get ready for "Survivorman: Riddick"

Why does she have two bras on? I don't get it.

You know what movie I totally forgot was coming? That's right, the remake of Stephen King's "Carrie"! All things considered, nothing in this trailer screams 'bad.' Then again, it doesn't really show anything much besides Chloe Grace Moretz covered in blood. Considering that "Carrie covered in blood" is one of the most iconic shots in horror movie history, they would be pretty stupid to not include it in the promotion of the remake.

In the best way possible, “The Grey” is a ‘B’ movie dressed in an ‘A’ feature’s aesthetics. Since the first release of its trailer and marketing materials the film had the faint scent of a higher-brow exploitation offering; a film with a decently sized budget which knew how to craft some novel and exciting moments blending just the right amount of absurdity and realism. The film’s director and co-writer Joe Carnahan has had experience with both independent gritty-realism in “Narc” and boisterous, crowd-pleasing violence.

The team reviews the latest comic book adaptation to hit theaters.

Before watching writer/director Jeff Brookshire's violent 2007 microbudget action-horror hybrid "Awaken the Dead," I had no idea an entire horde of flesh-eating zombies could be kept at bay by a set of cheap Venetian blinds. Never mind the fact that your large, previously existing kitchen window has mysteriously vanished -- as long as you keep your blinds pulled down, all these shambling corpses can do is reach mindlessly between the slats in a vain attempt to ensnare you. Stay out of their way and everything will be as right as rain. Who knew? Not me, that's for sure.