First Look at Bioshock 2's "Big Sister"

Last week, the "Bioshock 2" hype train officially left the station with the unveiling of There's Something in the Sea, an interactive collection of news clippings, photos, and other teasers for the upcoming game. This week, we get another sneak peak at some art from the upcoming game via the april cover of Game Informer magazine.

Big sis, little sis

The "monster" on the cover is purported to be a "big sister," a halfway between the Little Sister (pictured in the American Gladiator ribbon-ball) and the Big Daddy (the big scary thing with the drill-arms). The attached weapon was left unintentionally vague, but if you ask me, it looks like a gigantic ATOM syringe. I have to ask though, where's the Big Momma? Logically, a 'Big Sister' would be what happens to an unsaved Little Sister when they grow up, but I learned a lot time ago that you need a mommy and a daddy to make a baby. Unless they're adopted...nevermind.


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