wrong turn 4: bloody beginnings

Horror Headlines: Friday October 14th, 2011

Apps are all the rage with the kids these days. Why just yesterday I was down at the malt shop and there was a group of kids just going gaga over some apps. So why wouldn't the people behind "Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings" make an app to promote their movie which hits DVD on October 25th? There's no reason! Of course their app is a cookbook that's chock full of all kinds of helpful recipes. I don't see a reason for that either but man... apps, huh!

I don't care if she dated Marilyn Manson I still have a crush on Rose McGowan. I can't just throw away the special times we had with "Jawbreaker" like they didn't matter. So I'm willing to give "Rosewood Lane" a chance. The film is a new thriller which stars McGowen as a radio show host who moves back to her hometown after the death of her father and finds her paperboy is a nut job. You really don't see enough killer paperboy flicks anymore.

We were all giddy about "Tucker and Dale vs Evil" here at BGH so the news that co-writer Morgan Jurgenson has penned the script for a new movie titled "Hyperdrive" where a cop saves a sci-fi nerd who turns out to be the key witness in a murder. Not giddy like pee our pants giddy but still pretty excited. The word "semi" was used in a few descriptions. I'm going to let your mind tell the rest of that story.

Remember that song "Them bones" by Alice In Chains? Man that was a good song. That song has nothing to do with the new trailer for the new AMC 2 night mini-series "Bag Of Bones". I just really like that song. The show is based on the Stephen King novel of the same name and tells the story of a man haunted by the memory of his deceased wife during a bitter custody battle. It's a 4 hour series so they might play the song at some point. Keep your fingers crosses.

In Real People News: 

This might be the most metal thing ever. The bass play of a local Colorado band is under arrest after he punched his lead singer so hard in the face that he went into a coma. If I were them I would change the bands name to "Punched Into A Coma" and go on tour. I should be their manager.

Oh Massachusetts. You silly state of funny accented simpletons. I mean that in the nicest way possible. But here's a family who got so confused and lost in a corn maze that they dialed 911. Apparently they didn't mind staying in the corn maze but they were frightened because they couldn't find anything to eat. Alright I made that last part up. Get it though? Corn maze... nothing to eat? It's made of corn! I hate you all.

Horror Headlines: Thursday June 16th, 2011

Ahh snap! Who's excited for some "Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings" poster action on a Thursday morning?! No one? Well F you guys cause the new poster has a cool looking guy with an ax and a head in his hand and it's snowing, so there! It's coming out on October 18th you ungrateful SOB's.

It's been a while since you've seen any good old fashioned backward record playing demon films, probably because it's really hard to play an mp3 backwards. But that didn't stop the good people behind "Backmask" which has some which has some new teaser art out that bares a striking resemblance to liquor I was convinced was made out of deer blood in college. No, it's not peach schnapps.

"Airborne" is a new thriller about a group of people who make it on the last flight to leave an airport before the the entire airport is shut down only to have their flight overrun by a deadly killer virus. The first trailer for the flick has hit the nets and while it looks alright I really wish they had used that "Ironic" song by Alanis Morissette. because that would have been fitting, no?

There's been more excitement around "Stake Land" than you find can shake a stick at and the new clip that's available for peepin is just going to make it worse. Or better, however you want to look at it. For those of you not familiar with the film it focuses on a group of individuals fighting to survive in a vampire infested country. Are you bursting at the seams with excitement? Apologize to your seams for me.

In Real People News: 

This is what happens when you piss off freedom. A pair of bald eagles in Alaska have taken to dive bombing customers in a post office parking lot presumably because the patrons don't love freedom enough. I know it's illegal to kill bald eagles but what about punching them in the face? I think I just found a loop hole.

An elderly Colorado woman is under arrest after she tried to hold up a bank by threatening to give a teller AIDS if he didn't hand over the cash. She displayed no weapons though so I assume she planned on giving it to him the old fashion way... with some sweet sweet love making. Which might be even grosser than any disease because she's old and you can probably see through her skin.

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