I've yet to really figure out if "The Mechanical Grave" is some weird low budget steampunk mess or some really high budget porno but from the lack of dry humping in the new trailer I'm afraid it might be the first. Because of that I got bored when I was reading the description but it looks like it's some sort of murder mystery set in the 1800's where steam powered robots run around and crap. If this does turn out to be a porn just tag on "and then they screw" to that description.

Lizzy Caplan, who was the freaky girl in "Mean Girls" and then the easy girl in "True Blood and "Party Down" is the latest name to be tossed into the "Warm Bodies" ring. For those of you not familiar with the book which the film is being based on it follows a zombie who falls in love with a living girl. And then the screw. Again, only in the porn version.

"The Healer" is a new flick about two teenage girls who go on a camping trip only to find themselves lost in the haunted woods. Seriously, every story sounds like porn today I know. But Peter Bogdanovich, who I thought was dead, looks to be joining the cast and I'm 99% sure that guy has never done porn in his life. Or at least he didn't do it under that name. Might have used the name Rod Steele or something cool like that.

"Undocumented" follows a group of film makers who set out to make a documentary about illegal immigration and find themselves being interrogated by the the US border patrol after they follow a group of Mexicans trying to cross the border. Then I think they get the crap kicked out of them or something, the trailer isn't very clear. I don't know but it makes me love freedom.