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Colin Farrell's pec's jump off the screen in three dimensions...

Warp Films has picked up the rights to the brand spanking new vampire action novel "Blood Oath". Penned by Christopher Farnsworth, the story surrounds a vampire captured during the civil war and forced to make an oath to protect the president and his 150 years of dedication to the Secret Service.

Well known horror director Tom Holland prepares to venture off into new territories with his newest anthology plans, Twisted Tales. What makes Holland's project unique is that the series will be directly targeting mobile devices for its release.

One of the internet's favorite games to play these days is 'What is Tim Burton going to direct next?'. Today we can add another speculation to the list as rumors abound that Burton will next be creating a live action version of the popular Japanese comic "Mai The Psychic Girl".

Diablo Cody, writer of the upcoming "Jennifer's Body", spoke to genre vet Tom Holland at her Mondo Diablo film festival last year after a screening of his first film "Fright Night". I'm a big fan of Holland's work (thanks, free HBO and ill-spent youth) and the insights here are interesting. He talks about the inspirations behind the film, the advantage of getting an effects crew that had just come off of Ghostbusters, and how the film is a love letter to the classic horror he watched as a kid. Plus he answers some sexy questions from the audience!

Let's hope some Tom Holland horror magic rubbed off on Cody.

Anthony Perkins would’ve been 77 years old on April 4th, 2009. Sadly, Perkins was diagnosed with AIDS after a blood test in 1990 and eventually died from pneumonia in 1992. Perkins was a well established stage and television actor before he was tabbed by Hitchcock to play Norman Bates in “Psycho” in 1960. After “Psycho”, he would go on to enjoy a solid film career centered more on European productions than domestic work.