Diablo Cody interviews Tom Holland?

Diablo Cody, writer of the upcoming "Jennifer's Body", spoke to genre vet Tom Holland at her Mondo Diablo film festival last year after a screening of his first film "Fright Night". I'm a big fan of Holland's work (thanks, free HBO and ill-spent youth) and the insights here are interesting. He talks about the inspirations behind the film, the advantage of getting an effects crew that had just come off of Ghostbusters, and how the film is a love letter to the classic horror he watched as a kid. Plus he answers some sexy questions from the audience!

Let's hope some Tom Holland horror magic rubbed off on Cody.

Part 1:

Part 2:

There's an LA Weekly Style Council blog entry herehref> with photos from the event. From the last quote in that blog, it sounds like there were more questions that didn't make it into the YouTube clips above. Let's hope the whole Q&A session makes it onto the "Fright Night" deluxe DVD package rumors that were floating around last year.

Finally, earlier in 2008 the whole cast was reunited for an interview at Fear Fest in my hometown of Dallas, Tx. A loooong transcript can be found online if you're interested.



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