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There’s been much speculation amongst the BGH community of what exactly Spooky School would look like. Now my friends, Robbie Pickering’s Freaks of Nature has given us our answer.

French babies and Blood Glaciers. The whole crew is back in town. 

You don't want to know what we do in the shadows.  Trust me...



In which we review a feel good film for a change.

It's a baby, FROM HELL!

They're at it again, and so are we!

We review the latest slasher to hit theaters.

Sit back, clench your butthole, and enjoy the ride...

It’s interesting to look at the state of horror these days. Thankfully it’s fairly strong in numbers with releases happening every month. If you'll pardon the digression, my two cents on the state of horror helps to explain my feelings on "Stitches" more accurately.

Event number two for John Carpenter this month! If you haven't yet, check out my last post about the anniversary screening for John Carpenter's "The Thing". He did a round of Q&A then too and surprisingly the questions asked this time were all different than from before.