Episode 284 - "Dracula 3D"


In which we subject ourselves to Argento's latest...

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Texas Chainsaw 3D (REVIEW)

Texas Chainsaw 3D

As with many of its 70's horror franchise contemporaries, "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" has become a series whose present continues to lose connection with its past, even as new entries stumble over themselves to pay homage to their roots. In 1974, Tobe Hooper and Kim Henkel captured lightning in a bottle with a chaotic, nasty film about a family of cannibals living deep in the heart of Texas.

Episode 218 - "Paranorman"


The crew channels their inner children with Paranorman!

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Piranha 3DD (REVIEW)

Piranha 3DD

Let's deal with the question on everyone's mind right off the top: Would the sequel to 2010's well-regarded horror comedy "Piranha 3D" be able to match the disembodied male sex organ quotient of the original? Happily -- or perhaps unhappily, depending on your feelings -- the answer is yes, sweet lord yes!

Final Destination 5 (REVIEW)

Don't look now -- Final Destination is BACK!

Now that Jigsaw has retired his creepy tricycle riding doll and both Jason and Freddy have returned to only middling success, it is high time that a new horror franchise swoops in to fill the void. As it turns out, that horror franchise may have been with us all along. With "Final Destination 5" the fine people at New Line Cinema have somehow managed to quietly -- in relative terms -- sneak a fourth sequel of the 2000 surprise hit "Final Destination" into theaters. Sneaked seems the appropriate term as it doesn't quite feel like anyone in particular was clamoring for this movie.

Episode 154 - "Drive Angry 3D"


We review the latest Nicolas Cage film and Louis prepares us for the oncoming Anglo/Mexican wars.

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Horror Headlines: Wednesday December 29th, 2010

I have to say, based on the new images from the 3D flick "Behind the Walls" I thought I might be into it. Then I found out it's a French movie. Then I found out it's about a girl who travels to a spooky town to write a book. French and books don't add up to movie fun, they add up to boring cheese parties where you talk about novels. That's not fun for anyone.

After Dark Originals will hit theaters on January 28th and I couldn't be more excited. The festival will showcase 8 different films from the horror genre with different themes. What those are I'm not sure but the promo has a guy hammering nails into his hand so that's a positive. For us, not for him, it's got to suck for him.

Well this is heartwarming. "The Exorcist" has been added to the official National Film Registry by the The Library of Congress. Which means even after World War 3 there's going to be nothing left but cockroaches and "The Exorcist". Well those and apparently "Saturday night Fever" too but lets hope the bombs get that one.

UFO International productions, the same people that brought you "Lake Placid 3", have put out a long ass synopsis and poster for their new film "Vampire Nation". I refuse to read the plot of the film but my guess is it has something to do with a country overrun by vampires and the 80's pop star who I thought was dead that's going to fight them.

In Real People News: 

Jesus has arrived my friends and he picked the roof of a Kansas City family's car as his landing spot. Just in case he isn't the actual messiah though the family is trying to find the rightful owner of the little bundle of heavenly joy. But still, I think he's here and we all better look busy.

If you're going to proclaim yourself as "Nurse of the Year" then you might want to avoid having a dinner in your own honor. Apparently you can go to jail for something like that. Good to know!


The Japanese Master of Horror, Takashi Shimizu, is at it again. The man who brought you the Ju-on (The Grudge) franchise returns with Japanese Horror's first ever live action 3D movie, and the first Japanese movie shot in HD digital 3D.

When a small group of young friends spending the day at a theme park near the foot of Mount Fuji sneak into the park’s haunted house attraction after hours, the innocent children’s escapade results in the mysterious disappearance of one of them, Yuki.

Episode 140 - "Saw 3D"


It's Saw time, bitches!

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Saw 3D's Costas is Watching You

Nearly two-thirds of the way through "Saw 3D" there comes a scene wherein the primary target of one of Jigsaw's traps must extract two of his back molars in order to find a numerical code etched on them. Let's put aside the fact that etching numbers onto someone's back molars, while still in their mouth, without them realizing the numbers are there, goes well beyond the realm of fantastic. What's more interesting about the sequence is that it almost immediately begins to feel like a snickering metaphor for the "Saw" franchise.

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