9 Over-done Halloween Costumes

As Andy Williams once sang, "It's the most wonderful time of the year"! Sure, he was talking about a different holiday, but I think you'll all agree with me that the statement is just as fitting for Halloween! It's a time to get spooky, a time to get scary. A time to transform yourself into a wholly different character that resembles nothing of your true self and be somebody else for a night!

And who doesn't love that?

The problem is? Ideas for costumes start to run stale and after awhile, we start to see many of the same costumes over and over as you make your way through the season's parties. Sure, we all have our favorite characters to dress up as but chances are? Everybody else loves those characters too. With the halloween store that are now cropping up in empty store fronts across the country, it's proof that once again we're going to see some repeat outfits that have been around for years.

Mike Myers

Sure, Mike's a scary guy. He's all silent rage and pure evil. I get it, it's a perfect match for the holiday! There was a time though when Mr. Myers was obscure. When you found a good mask of "The Shape", it was a special find! After my research in the halloween stores this weekend? They carry at least five variations.

Jason Voorhees

Sure, sometimes it's hard to find the time to put together your special costume. The over abundance of hockey masks at he halloween store and a Good Will in nearly every town across the nation makes this easy and quick to throw together. That's why there's a million of them folks.

The Crow

We get it... you're a gentle flower. You're sensitive and you have feelings and chicks dig that. Chicks caught on to that ruse awhile ago though guys, you're going to have to come up with a new schtick to woo 'em.

Pyramid Head

Sure, Pyramid Head was a pretty striking figure. Let's face it; he's violent, deadly, looks creepy and nobody really knows what the hell he is! Those first couple of people who sat down and figure out how to make that special mask where pretty impressive. The problem is, the plans for said mask are all over the internet now folks.

Patrick Bateman

Yes, serial killers are scary because they look like everybody else. Throwing on a suit is not effort though. It's same as going to church. Plus you're going to be spending the night telling everybody "no no, I'm not a lawyer, I'm Patrick Bateman from American Psycho"!


Okay, you're all hating me right now. It's okay, I'm taking a crap on your favorite monster, I understand. Hear me out though. Zombies? They're dime a dozen these days. Heck, folks don't even wait for halloween to dress up as zombies anymore. They're doing it year round. We're used to it guys, I'm sorry. The common idea is to splash some fake blood around and paint your face grey. You need to get into it, add some blood and guts, some dangling eyeballs, make it unique!

Silent Hill Nurse

Ladies, I love ya. I also love that you want to dress up as something disturbing looking instead of "slutty Rainbow Brite". As soon as "Silent Hill" ran it's credits though, halloween was over run by Pyramid Head's creepy backup singers. There's more options out there is all I'm saying!

Heath Ledger's Joker

Yes, Heath Ledger was awesome as The Joker. You're not him.

Team Fortress 2

"Team Fortress 2" isn't horror related but it sure as hell is a genre specific over-done costume. The game had distinct graphics and character designs for a first person shooter and was a lot of fun; a great fit for a halloween costume! A great idea in 2007 when the game was released.


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