#TweetWithBGH Hellraiser

In honor of Ben kicking off his reviews of the Hellraiser franchise, Sophie, Spencer, and I had a live tweet session while watching the first entry in the series. Using the hashtag #TweetWithBGH we threw down our thoughts on the Clive Barker hit with comments ranging from actual film criticism to just pointing out the amount of laundry that was needed to film the movie. Here are some of the highlights:

We kicked things off with some snark:

Don't worry, Spencer made sure to guide the characters through how to handle the setting they were in:

Sophie gave an austute analysis of Frank's need for blood as well as showing just how awesome she is:

Even the sexual parts had us all in knots:

Spencer pushed for the finale while Sophie gave her overall review of the movie:

And that was that! Follow myself, Sophie, and Spencer on Twitter and be on the look out for next week, when we'll be back with Hellraiser II. If you play nice, we might even let you follow along!

Evan Slead

Staff Writer

Evan is a Film & Media Studies major in Boston and the host of PodSlash podcast. He loves writing novels and screenplays, and also all things Real Housewives. Don't hate.

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