Sneak Peek at Left 4 Dead DLC

It's been almost two weeks since I posted something about L4D, and we all know that it has been killing me. Thankfully, IGN has posted a handful of videos of the "Survival Mode" that will be included in the free DLC coming "sometime this spring."

People have begun making the "Left 4 Dead with a stopwatch" jokes already, but I think that the clock adds some visual tension, as we all know that clocks in games usually signify "panic time." The update will also include two "new" multiplayer maps (previously single player maps "Death Toll" and "Dead Air") as well as a map creator (PC only). Again, I really hope that eventually we get to see some of the best maps from the PC community released as a map pack in the future, but for now, that's simply a pipe dream.


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