Horror Headlines: Tuesday June 9th, 2009

Sometimes dreams do come true! Phantasm II is finally being released on DVD! September 15th is the date of history when we all finally get to hold the second coming of Reggie Bannister in our hands.

Word is out that Spitfire Pictures is going to remake the 1974 Hammer flick Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires. No news on who will star in this kung-fu vampire camp fest, but Peter Cushing is dead, so what's the point?

As if you hadn't had enough "Trick 'r Treat" news this week, this ill-fated movie is also getting the graphic novel treatment and you can see the first five pages here.

If you were for some reason excited about the news yesterday that Robert Rodriguez is hoping for an extended 'Ahnold' cameo in his upcoming "Predator" flick, Rodriguez himself has come out to quash those rumors.

In Real People News: 

Four West Virginia rednecks get in a fist fight in the middle of the road. Naturally, they're both struck dead by oncoming traffic. This is also known as 'thinning the heard'.

Fishing in Florida is always a relaxing way to pass the time, unless you're the Tampa man who hooked a live 8 foot missile.

A Spokane man leaves his bag of crystal meth at the checkout counter of Ziggy's hardware store after a supply run. Although he would have been in the clear if he just walked on, the man returned to the hardware store and asked if they had seen is lost drugs.

On this day in history: 

1934: Donald Duck makes his debut


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