Horror Headlines: Thursday April 28th, 2011

This can't be a surprise to anyone can it? Gary Busey has officially been added to the cast of "Piranha 3DD". No confirmation on a role but based on the original I assume he'll play the President or maybe a giant rabbit that shoots lightning out of its nipples. Alright that second one might be a long shot.

Zorro isn't a name you've tossed around for a while but it looks like the caped one is making his return with a new twist. This time around the big Z will play vigilante in the future in the film that is currently being titled "Zorro Reborn". Sounds a little nutty by Rpin Suwannath is set to direct the movie and he did some of the visual effects on "Van Helsing" and he's got a name I can't pronounce. I don't see how this can fail.

I didn't know I was excited about a "Laid to Rest" sequel until I recently started reading so much about it. Turns out I'm pumped and now the flick titled "ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2" has a release date. September 20th, 2011 is the date all the world has been waiting for. I wonder if there will be a big Hollywood premiere? Oh man you think I'll be invited? You think Joan Rivers will make fun of me when I tell her I'm wearing shoes by Target and a suit by Salvation Army?

Heya! Here'sa a new poster fora "REC 3: Genesis"! It's a spicy meatballa! Creepy woman makein a crying with blooda! Oh mama this isa the 37th time I'm made this jokea!

In Real People News: 

Ya know my wife thinks she has it bad because sometimes I come home a little tipsy and accuse her of plotting to murder me. Little does she know there's guys out there like this fella in Minnesota who got into a fight with his girlfriend and then proceeded to lock her in a dog cage because "that's where bitches belong". I don't look so bad now, do I!

Let this be a lesson to all of you, put a freakin password on your wireless router! If you don't you could end up like this guy in Buffalo who had the feds swarm his house and knock the holy living hell out of him before they figured out that it was his neighbor who had been downloading child pornography over his wifi the previous evening. Which is funny because it was actually my neighbor who DVR'ed all that "Glee" on my TV.


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