Horror Gaming: "Resident Evil 6" Brings Series Back to it's Undead Roots

Believe it or not, there hasn't been a numbered "Resident Evil" game released in almost a decade that also feature zombies. At that, the last game that did was the pretty forgettable "Resident Evil 0", so you really have to go back to 1999's "Resident Evil 3: Nemesis" for the last time "Resident Evil" was simultaneously worth playing and featured zombies. Since then, players looking to get their fix of zombie killing have had to turn to ill-advised spinoff games like the Wii lightgun "The Umbrella Chronicles" or clunky, MMO-lite games such as the "Outbreak" series. While the past two "Resident Evil" games have been pretty fantastic (though "5" is essentially one game-long escort mission and has some real weird racial tension which makes the player feel dirty for playing it), they just haven't had that horror vibe which made the old-school games so terrifying and memorable.

Well wait no more! "Resident Evil 6" has been officially announced for a November 20th release and looks like a perfect hybrid of the old and new "Resident Evil" games. Fast-paced, hectic action coupled with hordes of zombies and other mutated monsters? Sign me up. Here's the new launch trailer:

So, "Resident Evil" fans, what's on your list for things you hope make the sequel? Personally, there's one returning enemy that I'm hoping against hope returns, regardless of how much they'll scare the shit out of me:



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