Failed Russian Missle Launch Causes UFO Scare in Norway

At 2AM on Wednesday, citizens of Norway were treated to this brilliant spinning light show in the sky, which understandably freaked a good many people out. As it turns out, the illumination was most likely created from a failed Russian test missile. Of course, if there's a single grain of uncertainty in language about a strange happening, you better believe the nuts are jumping all over it.

"It was almost certain that it was a Russian military rocket and missile," Tandberg told CNN. "From the first call in the morning yesterday, I think it took about two or three hours until we saw the photographs that it became clear to most people what was involved."

Early theories floated on the Internet included an Alien visit or something related to U.S. President Barack Obama's visit to Oslo on Thursday to collect his Nobel Peace Prize.

Come to think of it, I think I finally understand what "The Fourth Kind" is all about. The Russians are shooting missiles in the air to distract us while they sneak into Alaskans' homes and implant chips in their brains that erase grainy video tape and cause them to levitate. Since we now know of Alaska's (apparent) extreme proximity to Russia, it seems like the most feasible place to start.



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