Eureka 3.18: "What Goes Around, Comes Around"

A lot has happened this season on Eureka. To be honest I don’t even remember what the season premiere was about anymore so much has gone on. The few months that the show took off didn’t help that though. Well after people joining and leaving the cast, a baby being born and a space craft landing we finally found ourselves at the season finale. But after so much had happened throughout the season the big question on my mind was what could they do to finish it off?

Not much has affected Jack Carter this season, with the big exception being the arrival of Tess Fontana. So for the finale why not eff around with his charter while also throwing in your standard weekly catastrophe. Make it happen, Eureka!

The emergency came in the form of an electromagnetic hot spot that is forming over the town. What the hell does that mean? Well in short the disturbance is creating a new polar field smack dab in the middle of town. Think north pole, south pole and now Eureka. Sounds fun right? Well not when the new hot spot starts acting like a giant magnet pulling in anything that’s metal. Not so fun after all.

Why is all this happening? Well it turns out Lucas is trying to get a recommendation from Henry so he can go off to Harvard with his girlfriend Zoe, who also happens to be Carter's daughter. That’s right Carter’s little girl is leaving home. Sucks for him. It gets worse when his new-found love Tess excepts a job in Australia which will split the two up. Everybody’s walking out on old Jack. What makes things harder for him is that Tess has asked him to come along with her.

So Carter manages to stop the death magnet but he can’t keep Tess or Zoe from leaving Eureka. Only question at the end of the show is weather or not he’ll leave Eureka to be with Tess in the land down under. The episode ends with Jack holding a plane ticket and answering a call from good old Allison. What will he do!?

As far as season finales go this one wasn’t too shabby. To me it seemed a little thrown together at the last minute but for the most part it probably topped seasons one and two as far as endings go. I can’t say I find the whole Carter leaving thing that suspenseful though. It wouldn’t be much of a show if he ended up going to Australia so I don’t really see him running after Tess.


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