Eureka 3.17: "Have an Ice Day"

Never let it be said that Eureka is big on giving away details. Two weeks ago we were treated to a shitty clip show and after taking a week off I assumed that was our season finale. Not so, apparently. Friday night my DVR was all ablaze and Eureka was back in full force. This week's episode titled “Have An Ice Day” marked the return of Taggart , Jo’s ex-boyfriend as well as Zane, Jo’s current boyfriend who has been away for the past two months. Drama!

Turns our Taggart, who disappeared two seasons ago, and Zane have been working together in the arctic and have brought home a 750,000 year-old ice core. But Jo was hoping that Zane also brought home some hot lovin'. Not so though, Zane is mysteriously cold to Jo now that he is home. Pun intended.

There’s little time to focus on Jo’s broken heart though. After the arrival of the ice core GD quickly begins freezing from the inside out. Turns out along with the core the boys also brought home a strange fungus that causes the ice to quickly spread, to the point that it begins to take over the town. Not too good for Tess who has taken over GD now that Allison is out on maternity leave.

So Carter again comes to the rescue and realizes that the same fabric that Zane is using to insulate himself from the cold is being used to insulate all of Eureka. Which is also the cause of his internal freezing which explains why he’s been so odd to Jo. That same material is actually responsible for spreading the fungus at a rapid rate. With some quick rigging of the towns vacuum tube system Zane all of Eureka is saved by spreading a fungicide in town. Well played, folks.

So after a couple of confusing weeks Eureka managed to get things back on track this week and came out with a pretty good episode. The preview for next week has confirmed that it will be the season finale and I’m interested to see where the writers are going to take things. There aren’t any real cliff hangers going on right now so anything that they come up with will be new. We shall see!


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