Eureka 3.15: "Shower the People"

Last week it seemed like all was fine and dandy in the town of Eureka. The mystery of the space craft had been solved, Henry had a replica of his long lost love, and Carter was about to finally get some action. The only question that was left was what the hell was going to happen next. Well I’m happy to report that the fine writers of “Eureka” took the ball and ran with it, full on.

The first thing the gang needs to do is get all the information stored up in little clone Kim’s brain out. And Henry is all on board with spending more and more time with her, until he finds out that she will most likely deteriorate in the near future. You see clone Kim has spent her entire life in space and now that she’s back on earth her immune system can’t handle our germs. The only way to make sure the data isn’t lost forever is to subject clone Kim to some serious radiation. Unfortunately while extracting the data Kim will also be destroyed.

On top of that Carter is left trying to figure out why random people in town are producing enough water to not only drown themselves but also fill up hot tubs, cars and bathrooms. Do you think the radiation from the data extraction might have something to do with all this? You might just be right!

You see Eureka’s water supply comes from a man made synthetic system generated by GD. Somehow though all the geniuses at GD didn’t think that running the water pipes threw the radiation field would be a problem. Silly Eureka Geniuses.

So again I go back to one of my main complaints about “Eureka”. How is it there is a town full of super humans but no one thinks running the water directly threw a giant dose of radiation is going to be a problem? Kind of a seems like a pretty big oversight. But in any event Carter once again comes to the rescue and all is well by the end. Yes Kim is dead but if you want to make a few genius omelets you got to crack a few eggs.

I know I said it last week but I really don’t know where the show is going to go from here. All the lose ends that came from the space ship landing are either tied up, or dissolved in a radiation bath. However you want to look at it. We shall wait and see I guess.

This was a pretty good episode if you can ignore the obvious fault. Again I say this is probably the best season of “Eureka” so far. The storyline has been the most solid since the show's start.


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