Eureka 3.14: "Ship Happens"

Oh ship! The ship finally went down this past week on Eureka. The ship hit the fan in the episode titled “Ship Happens”. See what I’m doing here now? Don’t worry, I’ll keep it going. Because after last week's ship touch down in Eureka we finally got an entire episode dedicated to what and who was manning the space ship which has been sending radio signals to Eureka for the past few episodes.

When we left off two weeks ago we learned that the ship was actually American made. In fact Henry and his deceased love Kim actually built the space craft with their own bare hands. But when Kim, who had been dead for over two years now, appeared from the craft, I nearly ship my pants.

Turns out the ship's survival programming kicked in over it’s 20 year journey and created a clone of Kim out of a lose piece of skin that may have been left on board during the building process. You see when the ship ran out of memory to record it’s findings it decided the best thing to do was create a human computer that could store everything without running out of memory. This is really where my only complaint of the episode comes in. I’m not science expert but I’m pretty sure no computer, even in Eureka, is able to create a human being. You’re no God, space ship!

On top of dealing with Kim’s return, at least in clone form, Carter and the gang had to deal with a mysterious virus that is attacking the town. Everyone is becoming infected with a sickness that causes them to have electric shocks that become more and more intense over time. It would seem pretty obvious to pin the virus back to Kim and the ship landing since everything started to go down around the same time, but not so. Things are never that easy. Instead it turns out that Kim has nothing to do with the virus, but her and Henry will have to work together to stop it. With their combined brains and the help of the town Kim and Henry are able to create an electric pulse that neutralizes the virus and saves the day. Hooray everyone!

So at the end of the episode is seems like all of our questions are answered. Kim is back in town and will be working with Henry to download all the information the ship has stored over the past 20 years. Looks like everything is back to normal. Looks like Carter might even be getting some play from Tess pretty soon. Really the only question now is what the hell is going to fill up the rest of the season? Guess we’ll have to wait 'till next week to find out. My only hope is that after a pretty good start the rest of the season doesn’t ship the bed. I’ll be here all week folks.


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