Eureka 3.12: "It's Not Easy Being Green"

Bowling, there’s nothing quite like it. What other game gives you countless excuses to make jokes about how heavy your balls are. It’s really a amazing sport. Well this week’s episode of Eureka titled “It's Not Easy Being Green” revolved around a bowling match between the town of Eureka and Area 51.

Now at this point I’ve pretty much accepted that fact that we’ll go at least a week without getting any more information about the incoming radio signals from space. Since last week was chock full of clues I was ready to sit down and be given another one-off episode where not much happened. Well this week's episode didn’t give a ton of information about the radio signals but a lot of other events happened that will most likely effect the rest of the season.

Namely Zoe, Jack Carter's sister, has left the show. A couple weeks back the father of her soon to be born twins, Duncan came back to town and we were left with a cliff hanger as to if he would stick around to help raise the little rugrats. Turns out he isn’t going to, because she is going with him. Her character never had much to do with the main storyline of the show but she always seemed to have something going on in the background. I wouldn’t be surprised if she popped up again somewhere down the line.

Secondly, and probably more importantly, as suspected Tess is sticking around to lead up the research of the signals. We find this week that she needs Carter to go around and collect all the Globidium, artificial plutoniumish power source made by GD in town. We learn that she hopes to use the Globidium to power a giant telescope that might be able to give them a picture of what’s producing the radio signals from space. Only problem is someone has already stolen most of the Globidium. That’s about the extent of the info we get in this episode.

The rest of the show revolves around a giant blob that is going around eating people in town. This turns out to be the “pet” of one of the Eureka town bowlers named Big Ed. Pretty much the moment Big Ed walked on screen you knew he was done for. Think of that extra character they would beam down to a planet on Star Trek. That was Big Ed. Well Big Ed’s pet feeds off of radiation so it’s going around eating all the Globidium, Ed had been stealing it from town to feed the pet, and once that supply ran out it turned on people. So long Big Ed. The similarity to the film “The Blob” is too hard to ignore and even Carter makes a few cracks at the reference. Pretty fun.

By the time Carter had managed to stop the blob the window to get a good image of the signals had closed. No worries though, from the looks of next week's preview whatever is sending out these messages finally makes it to earth. Roll out the welcome keg Eureka!

For a one-off episode that didn’t give much information this one was pretty good. The pranks between the Eureka and Area 51 bowling teams were pretty entertaining and even got Fargo and the rest of the team dyed green. One of the better episodes of the season so far.


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