Eureka 3.11: "Insane in the P-Brane"

Alright here we go, week three. Now we’re getting somewhere. This past week's episode promised two wonderful things, the title would have a Cypress Hill reference, “Insane In The P-Brain” and we would finally get some info on these radio signals that are directed at Eureka. Well both premises were delivered on but the latter was probably more of a dry hump then anything else.

This episode focused around two new visitors to the town of Eureka. Duncan, the father to Zoe’s bastard twins and Tess Fontana, a old friend of Allison who is in town to take charge of the recently reopened Section 5 area of Global Dynamics, a restricted area that had been shut down since last season.

Along with our two new guests we also meet researchers Mary-Beth Curtis and Murray Drechmeyer, a couple currently going threw a divorce but still working together. Murray believes Eureka is currently being invaded by ghosts and he’s using this spike in paranormal events to contact his mother who’s on “the other side”. But Carter is convinced that the supernatural events in Eureka have something to do with the reopening of section 5. Turns out he’s right.

So while doing an inspection of Section 5 both Carter and Tess are knocked out in one of the newly opened labs. They both soon discover that no one can see them and that they’ve been knocked into another dimension. So while Tess and Carter work on getting back into reality with the rest of the town Allison and Henry soon discover what Murray believes the paranormal activity is actually being caused by a large magnet in section 5. Solution seems simple, shut down the magnet. Only problem is this magnet is also Tess and Carter’s only ticket back home. So the race is on for Tess to figure out how to get back home before Henry shuts all their hopes down.

So of course everything turns out hunky dory and everyone ends up a-ok. But Carter is chock full of questions about the signals which are heading toward Eureka which he overheard Allison and Henry talking about when he was invisible. Alright, so we’re going to get some info here, I’m excited. Let the confrontation begin! Well it turns out no, Allison can’t tell Carter about the new tests going on because it’s classified. All she can tell him is that Tess is there to lead up the research. That’s all we got. But hey it’s something I guess.

Oh and not that it has anything to do with the story but Zeo spent the entire episode hiding her pregnancy from Duncan in fear that he would run off. At the end of the day it turned out that she may be right. Guess we’ll find out next week.

So after only three weeks I feel like we’re getting somewhere, even if it‘s just a few steps down the road. Unlike past seasons where it seemed like weeks went by without getting any information about the season's focus it seems like we’re now balls deep in the “radio signals” mystery. Not to mention more and more people are being added to the story line each week. My guess is next week will be another thrown away episode but we’ll see.
Watch: "Insane in the P-Brane"


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