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Horror Headlines: Tuesday December 11th, 2012

No word on what sort of release it'll actually be getting but it looks like Rob Zombie's "Lords Of Salem" will finally see the light of day on April 26th, 2013. If that seems too far away then you might want to pick up the novelization that will hit shelves on March 12th. But honestly that's really just a little over a month earlier and if you can't wait a month you might want to see a shrink or something. You've got problems buddy.

I'm not really sure if this is exciting news but it looks like Robert Patrick will in fact return to "True Blood" next season as a full blooded cast member. For those of you still play catch up Patrick played that father of Alcide the werewolf. For those of you who are completely lost "True Blood" is a show about vampires staring the girl who I always think is the girl from "My So Called Life" but she isn't. She does have giant teeth though... TEEFF!

Summit Entertainment has picked up the rights to the big screen adaptation of Chase Novak's "Breed". Burr Steers will write and direct the film about a couple who are turned into bloodthirsty freaks after they try out a experimental fertility treatment. And I thought the worst thing about fertility treatments were having kids. Am I right? I'll be here all week.

In Real People News: 

There's nothing more adorable than a couple of cute kids, ages 7 and 11 for instance, greeting you in a church parking lot. That is of course unless those kids are holding a gun and are robbing you. Then it kid of sucks.

If you're a 19 year old kid and you break into someone's house you better damn well sure check to see if that guy is home and is currently employed as a boxer. Because no matter how much you plead with him he's going to punch you in the face and then you'll just look like a pansy in your mug shot.

Horror Headlines: Wednesday June 2nd, 2010

If you've ever found yourself wondering how best to survive such things as unstoppable serial killers, zombies or any other supernatural force, be sure to check out How To Survive the Strange. The first episode told us the handy uses of your standard claw hammer, the second episode tells you how you can use ESP to fix household appliances!

Summit Entertainment is branching off a bit from its money printing "Twilight" franchise as it signs on for "Golden Gate". Said to be in the vein of such films as "Single White Female", we see a track star who has found herself a new girlfriend, only to find out that she's just a wee bit insane.

Katee Sackhoff is preparing for a post "Battlestar" appearance as pictures from her upcoming werewolf vs. Fight Club feature "Growl" appear online. Though the idea of Chuck Liddell Vs. The Wolfman is indeed entertaining, the director's name Sxv'Leithan Essex sounds by far more intriguing.

Mellissa George is preparing to thrill us once again as the official Facebook page and first shots from her new feature "A Lonely Place to Die" appears on line. Ms. George and a few of her friends head to the Scottish Highlands for some hiking fun only to find themselves wrapped up in a kidnapping plot? Sounds like fun to me.

In Real People News: 

One could say that Tuesday was a bad day in China as a a security guard mows down a court room after his divorce settlement was judged, a woman on an overnight train stabbed nine passengers with a piece of metal as they slept and a man drove his truck into a group of workers in order to stop them from demolishing homes in his neighborhood.

A group of Indian scientists believe that the world's bee population is dying off due to radiation from mobile telephones and not an M. Night Shyamalan prophecy for the end of the world. Guess I lost THAT bet.

On this day in history: 

1996 - Ray Combs, host of television's Family Feud, hangs himself with his bedsheets at Glendale Adventist Hospital. Combs was on a 72 hour suicide watch.

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