scary movie

I’ve long held the belief that the “Adjective Movie” series has been the single worst trend of the 2000’s. That said, I’ve held this belief without ever seeing a single film in the series. Yes, somehow despite being a teenage male just entering High School when the original “Scary Movie” came out in 2000 (in other words, the key demographic), I’ve somehow avoided all four movies in that series, “Not Another Teen Movie”, “Epic Movie”, “Date Movie”, “Meet the Spartans”, “Superhero Movie”, “Disaster Movie”, “Dance Flick” and, most recently, “Vampires Suck”.

For those of you that think vampires have grown a bit too soft and emo these days, you might be excited to hear that Vinnie Jones has signed on to star in "The Bleeding". Vinnie Jones; vampire hunter? Sounds good to me.

Jesse Eisenberg, star of "Zombieland" is bringing us more horror, this time in a movie called "Camp Hope". No zombies this time around, instead we watch as Jesse faces inherent evil as it invades a children's spiritual retreat! "This one time... at Jesus camp..."

Screenwriter Akiva Golddman, responsible for such films as "I Am Legend" and "Batman and Robin" bring news of a new version of "Swamp Thing" is in development. Goldsmsn explains that they hope to keep the character closer to Alan Moore's comic book creature as opposed to the incarnations we've had so far.

Those of you that were fearing the inevitable announcement of "Scary Movie 5" can put those fears to rest. Instead, you can dredge up a whole new host of fears as the Weinsteins opt to go with a "Scary Movie" reboot. "Scary Movie 1: Again". Nothing snarky here, I'm just going to let that one soak in a bit.