When was the last time you finished a movie and could say genuinely, "Ya know, that movie needed more Stephen Dorff."?

Directors Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo have accomplished something truly special--delivering a Leatherface movie that barely has any business calling itself part of the TCM universe and a surprising need for even more Stephen Dorff. Both of those things seemed fairly difficult to accomplish--well except that most of the franchise's sequels barely have the right to call themselves part of the beloved Tobe Hooper classic. 

What a strange, confusing, and occasionally wonderful movie this was...

Mary Elizabeth Winstead in "The Thing"

When the trailer first dropped for "The Thing" remake -- ahem, prequel -- the standard remake reaction of, "My God!" instead was replaced with something more like a "Hmmmm..." Though it was clear that director Matthijs van Heijningen relied heavily on Carpenter's film, itself a remake, for inspiration, there appeared to be enough juice left in this concept to support a full fledged predecessor to the 1982 classic. Now, with Heijningen's film opened, it's safe to say that those with initial hesitations should feel at least partially justified.

"The Thing" is an iconic film, and like many genre fans it's a pretty important one for me (the John Carpenter take, anyhow). I was dismayed to hear of a remake being greenlit, but I had a little more faith when I head Ronald D.