pc gaming

It's a busy week on Ye Olde Youtube Channel!  The holiday's are behind us and I've been filling up the family shaped void with some video games.

In Part V of our Shadowgate Let's Play, our journey continues as we solve more mysteries of Castle Shadowgate!  We run into some unsuspected sorts, face certain doom, unlock more story and maybe solve some old puzzles as well!

In Part 4 of our Shadowgate Let's Play, we face off with the pesky Goblin that confronted us at the end of part 3! Plus, we delve deeper into the Castle as we uncover more mystery and more story line!

This past Friday, I picked up a new game and it took over my weekend!  On November 4th, Nicalis released a reboot of The Binding of Isaac and it's turned out that the improvements they've made over the original game are pretty big indeed.

We're back once again with part III of my Let's Play of Shadowgate!  In this episode, we're journeying into parts unknown, so everything's new and exciting.  We find our way to the inner courtyard, encounter some beasties, and unlock even more story!

In Part 2 of my Shadowgate Let's Play, we're whittling our way through the halls of Castle Shadowgate.  We meet some elementals, we find some hidden rooms and run into a monster or two.  It's a lot of fun!  As the mystery deepens, so does the castle.

Released on August 21st this year, Shadowgate is a modern day remake of a 1989 NES Classic!

Released on October 30th, Guns'N'Zombies is a Twin Stick shooter that's all about shooting zombies! Two great tastes that taste great together! 

Newley released on October 21st, Devil's Dare serves as a love song to both the brawlers of days past like Fatal Fury and Double Dragon and the horror movies we all know and love.  The gameplay is generally straightforward with some added complexity to keep you from simply mashing buttons.  Developed and Published by Secret Base, the game is available on Steam for $12.99.

It's no lie; I freaking love video games.  I've played them since Atari 2600 was new in stores!  They're my favorite mode of escapism and de-stressing tool. Not too long ago, while sitting and watching somebody game videos on youtube, I had an epiphany.