The good people at Summit Entertainment have picked up the rights to a big screen adaptation of Laura Whitcomb's "A Certain Slant Of Light". The film will be called "In the Flesh" and focuses on a spirit who has trouble moving on and finds love while bouncing around in limbo. Or something like that. The producers of "Twilight" are involved, that's all you need to know.

I'm not going to lie. Some days writing the new is kind of boring. Today my friends is not one of those days though. Because today we have the trailer for "Gingerclown 3D", a new horror comedy set in the mid 80's that includes none other than Mr. Tim Curry and Michael Winslow in its cast. Michael Winslow, the guy who made all the cool noises from the "Police Academy" movies. Now you're excited, aren't you? The rest of the news is really going to be a let down for you now.

Fans of Scott Spiegel, and who isn't, will be excited to know that his 1989 classic(?) "Intruder" will finally(?) be getting the Blu-Ray treatment on December 13th. The slasher that takes place in a supermarket will be packed with all kinds of goodies like audio commentary, making of featurette and cast audition tapes. Not going to lie I have never seen or heard of this film. I understand if you don't want to talk to me anymore.

If there's one thing porn stars can't do it's act but 20 seconds into the trailer for "Blood Lodge" which stars Jasmin St. Clair there's two girls making out so I'm going to allow this. I think some of them become zombies. In short a bunch of people go on a ski trip, screw and then get killed. That about covers it. But seriously, two girls making out.