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The Burning (REVIEW)

Experiment time horror fans! Find someone who doesn’t like horror films. Be it your squeamish girlfriend, art-house dwelling hipster co-worker or your mother who doesn’t understand why you’re always watching “that garbage”, and ask them to describe “Friday the 13th”. Chances are they’ll talk about how gory the film is, mention all the horny teenagers and nudity, and talk about Jason and his hockey mask and machete. Maybe they’ll also mention Kevin Bacon because, come on, it’s Kevin Bacon. Problem is, that’s not really “Friday the 13th”.

Netflix Streaming Friday - "The Burning"

Everyone remembers "Friday the 13th" as being a super gory flick with a giant machete welding manic butchering horny teenagers. Problem is, that's really not the case at all. There's actually very little gore in the film at all, no one gets killed with a machete and Jason isn't even in it until the last thirty seconds and even then he's a pudgy tween. In fact, he doesn't even don his signature hockey mask until the third film the series, the less than stellar, "Friday the 13th: Part 3D".

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