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Cinema Hooligante Brings Blood, Bodily Fluids, & Late Night Frivolities to the Milwaukee Film Festival

If I’ve learned anything about living in Milwaukee its that the city loves movies, especially those weird, gross sort of flicks that get you riled up. A number of the city’s theaters have a storied history of running late night movies including the longest continuously running “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” screening. They’ve also got fantastic cheese, they love biking and “happy hour” is really called “after work until bed”. Don’t hassle me I’m local.

Milwaukee Film Festival's Cinema Hooligante

What did I learn over the course of the Milwaukee Film Festival’s Cinema Hooligante Program? Five things specifically:

1: I love living in a city that gives a shit about fucked up, unlovable, and/or unsung movies.
2: The creepiness of spiders is inversely proportionate to their size.
3: Those whacky Danes make me blush.
4: Inbred mutant plots are still (thankfully) going strong in quality movies.
5: Claymation is probably the only thing that can still bring me close to reintroducing my beer to the world. (Other than peeing. But then it’s urine and not beer. Right? Right.)

Toronto After Dark Lineup Part 4

It's taken four blog posts and most of a month to get here but here we are with the final installment of our preview of the Toronto After Dark film festival coming up August 14-21. Let's see what treats round out the already pretty stellar lineup.

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