epic beard man

The kids of A Quiet Place run for their lives through a cornfield at night

John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place is the rare movie that isn’t so much meant to be watched as it is experienced. It’s built around a gimmick that can only be fully appreciated in a crowded theater, like a no-tech version of something B-movie icon William Castle might have dreamed up half a century ago. Instead of vibrating chairs or hovering skeletons, Krasinski’s ploy is far more terrifying to modern moviegoers: silence. It’s almost as if, within its opening moments, the filmmaker dials down a theater’s soundscape until viewers feel guilty about breaking the tranquility.

So they took "Epic Beard Man" (google it, trust me) and turned it into a movie with Danny Trejo. Except now he's more of an all around do-gooder as opposed to an unhinged, possibly racist Santa impersonator that can throw a haymaker like nobody's business.